What Countries can Apply Under the E2 Visa Scheme

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Are you a businessman who wants to expand your business abroad? Or do you want to explore other business ventures in another country? Maybe you see a better opportunity out there that you do not see where you are right now. Whatever your reason is for doing business abroad is something that every business person dreams about.

If you think that possessing a dream, passion, and capital is all you have to put up a business in a different country, it is not all that you need. Specifically, if your dream place is the United States of America, there are some things that you have to prepare and some protocols that you have to follow. On top of that, not everyone is welcome in the United States of America. So before you get excited about all this hype, you might want to check at Ashoori Law the details you need to prepare.

For now, please read this article so we can enlighten you about citizenships welcome to request an E2 Visa.

What is an E2 Visa

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The E2 Investor Visa permits a specific person to visit and do business across and in the vicinity of the United States of America based on the business they will manage while inside the country. This visa is valid for three to five years, but it depends on the place or nation you will be coming from. The length of stay can stretch out indefinitely.

Also, the venture that you will do should be substantial enough to qualify. It means that it must be large enough to capitalize itself. If not, you will be denied the application right away. Moreover, this special access is only available for certain countries. This article is a great help to know if your country qualifies for this type of visa.

The minimum or maximum investment amount set for applying for this is not determined. However, petitions with an investment amount lower than $150,000, they face a hard, tiring process of getting approval for E2 access. To know if your business is substantial enough, consult an immigration attorney to see if you qualify.

Some businesses are easier to get an e2 visa with. Check out the following to see if your business qualifies.

  • Gastronomy
  • Construction
  • Home services
  • Education
  • Factories
  • Tourism
  • Pets
  • Personal Care
  • Stores
  • Health care

Furthermore, this access is also obtainable to non-investor personnel as long as their nationality is the same as the investor. He also must be an executive/supervisor or an essential skilled worker of the company. For essential skilled workers, the nature of their skill should be essential to the United States of America enterprise’s operation.

Once the visa expires, the visa holder should leave the area as well. You should not use this kind of access for dual purposes. If the visa holder wishes to go right before the expiration of his visa, he may do so.

Treaty Countries

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Now, see the list below to know if your country qualifies for an E2 visa.

Albania Czech Republic Kosovo Serbia
Argentina Denmark (including Greece) Kyrgyzstan Senegal
Armenia Ecuador Latvia Singapore
Australia Egypt Liberia Slovak Republic
Austria Estonia Lithuania Slovenia
Azerbaijan Ethiopia Macedonia Spain
Bahrain Finland Mexico Sri Lanka
Bangladesh France Moldova Suriname
Belgium Georgia Mongolia Sweden
Bolivia Germany Montenegro Switzerland
Bosnia-Herzegovina Grenada Morocco Thailand
Bulgaria Honduras Netherlands Togo
Cameroon Iran New Zealand Trinidad and Tobago
Canada Ireland Norway Tunisia
Chile Italy Oman Turkey
China (Taiwan) Israel Pakistan Ukraine
Columbia Jamaica Panama United Kingdom
Congo (Brazzaville) Japan Paraguay Yugoslavia
Congo (Kinshasa) Jordan Philippines
Costa Rica Kazakhstan Poland
Croatia Korea (South) Romania

Countries not included on the checklist, you are not qualified to apply for a request for an E2 visa. These nations include China, Russia, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Nigeria. Moreover, some countries get approved faster and more cost-effectively than other countries. These are Grenada, Turkey, and Montenegro.

The method may take up to nine months to a minimum and may take longer depending on the requirements for you to submit. Always check all the requirements needed to avoid any delays in the approval of your visa.

Conditions for Employee or Family Member

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If you wish to bring an employee alongside you in your venture in the United States of America, your personnel does not have to be from the same treaty country as you are. In light of that, you need to pass separate petitions on their behalf. This goes the same for family members. Usually, the request is given the same length of stay as you are initially twenty-four months.

If you wish to stay longer, but your initial two years are up, you have to file for a new petition asking to grant you two more years to remain in the country. If your employee or family members wish to stay too, they must submit a new petition as well. But be sure to count off your days of stay to avoid overstaying while you wait up for the approval of your new petition.

If the spouse of the initial E2 Visa holder wishes to work, she is allowed to do. But it is suggested that the spouse will secure employment authorization, which may take months before it got approved. Children under twenty-one years old are permitted to enroll in studies but are prohibited from working. If the child reaches twenty-one years old, the child should request a different USA visa classification to visit the United States of America.


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Applying for an E2 visa is quite a process that you need to follow. It may hold up to weeks or months of continuous follow-ups and interviews, depending on your requirements. Knowing the essentials and needs is very important to lessen the delay of the process.

In that sense, knowing if you are qualified or not something to know first to avoid waste of money and time along the way. In that case, you should know if your nationality is qualified or not.

This article aims to help you assess if you can qualify in getting an E2 visa by informing you of the countries qualified for it. We hope that we have helped in the way you need it.