Gambler Personality Test: Find Your Type


Ever wondered what type of gambler you are? Knowing your personality can help you choose the best games and enhance your casino experience. So, who are you: the strategist or a relaxer? Take our fun and easy test to find out your type!

Which Gambler Are You? The Test


When you know your gambler type, you can considerably improve your game at your favorite RoyalReels casino. After all, when you know your gambler type, you know yourself. Ready to learn? Take this quick test!

  1. When you gamble, you:
  2. A) Enjoy the thrill and excitement.
  3. B) Play to relax and unwind.
  4. C) Like to strategize and outsmart the game.
  5. D) Gamble for the social aspect and fun.
  6. How do you handle a loss?
  7. A) Brush it off and keep playing.
  8. B) Take a break and return later.
  9. C) Analyze what went wrong.
  10. D) Share your experience with friends.
  11. What kind of games do you prefer?
  12. A) High-stakes, fast-paced games.
  13. B) Low-risk, slow-paced games.
  14. C) Games of skill and strategy.
  15. D) Interactive and social games.

How do you celebrate a win?

  1. A) With a big cheer and more bets.
  2. B) Quietly enjoy the moment.
  3. C) Review your strategy and plan the next steps.
  4. D) Share the news with friends.

Best-Fitting Games for Each Gambler Type


So, actually, who are you in the gambling world? It’s time to discover your type and the best games that will suit your style.

The Thrill-Seeker (Mostly A’s)

You love the rush and excitement. You’re not a casual malta kasinot attender — No! You come there expecting to win huge one day, and sure, you’re ready to bet a lot. The casino is all about emotions for you. And sure, you prefer the games that can bring excitement and keep your adrenaline pumping. Here are some best picks for you:

  • High-stakes slots — when you start with slots, you’re ready to bet huge. You’ll like the simple mechanics of these games, which allow for substantial wins. And, by the way, you will also enjoy the variety of these slots. You gamble for emotions, and these games are ready to cater to them.
  • Roulette — spin the wheel and let it decide your fate — easy as that. You like the classical flare of this game and, sure, the chances it brings.
  • Live dealer games — these games allow you to feel the real casino vibe right from your home. Live dealers entail all the classical table games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker. This variety, combined with the real casino feel, will definitely appeal to you.

The Relaxer (Mostly B’s)


You gamble to unwind. The casino domain is a hobby for you, and it is a way to find some calm spot among the life storm. Just like with fishing or gardening, you drop in when you need some time for yourself. These games will bring you the relaxing experience you need:

  • Low-stakes slots — unlike those high-rollers, you do not need huge risks. Low-stakes, low-volatility games are just what you need. They will pay out more frequently and in smaller amounts, so you won’t get too much stress.
  • Bingo — the game is about building social connections. Chat, laugh, have fun, wasn’t that what you longed for? Enjoy yourself, and a great victory can come one day.
  • Simple table games — if you feel like you need some strategy today, why not try table games? Let’s take Baccarat, for instance. Yes, it’s simple. But it also has a unique flare and a good portion of strategy.

The Strategist (Mostly C’s)

You enjoy games that challenge your mind. No, you’re not ready to rely on luck, so slots are not your type.  You need games that will let you take steps and guide your fortune. These strategy picks are just perfect:

    • Poker — that popular bluff game is your perfect match. Can you outwit online opponents? Bluffing is a massive challenge in the online space, and you should definitely take part.
    • Blackjack — this table game also has a good portion of strategy. No, you don’t need to rely on luck here — study the rules and try to turn everything in your favor.
  • Other skill-based games.

The Social Gambler (Mostly D’s)


You gamble for the fun and social aspect. You came here to make friends, literally, and some good game choices will definitely help you to. These three games let you interact with others and enjoy a shared experience.

    • Live dealer games — imagine yourself in a real casino competing at a table with fellow gamblers. Yes, that’s possible with live dealers. Enjoy the relaxed gameplay, where you can chat and see dealer movements.
    • Poker — you’ll definitely like the bluffing element. Eye contact, hand trembling, body posture — study those and try to influence your opponents with your movements and words. Can you succeed?
  • Social casino games.


Knowing your gambler type can make your casino experience more enjoyable. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, relaxer, strategist, or social gambler, there are games tailored for you. Take the test, find your type, and dive into the games that suit you best. Happy gambling!