Defending Innocence: Seeking Legal Help in Case of False Criminal Allegations


Thousands of crimes are reported in Jersey City every year. While increasing the crime rate is a matter of concern, it is pertinent to mention that many of the reported crimes are meant to frame innocent individuals.

Whether it be a fake rape allegation or a fake allegation of aggravated assault, hundreds of people struggle to prove their innocence before the law in Jersey City.

However, if you or someone you know is facing a similar problem, it is advised to hire a Jersey City criminal lawyer to get you acquitted of the allegations of a crime you did not commit.

Understanding different categories of criminal offenses


There are several kinds of crimes, but based on the acts, they can be divided into five main categories.

Crimes against a person

These are the crimes that result in mental or physical harm to an individual, and they can be subdivided into two categories- homicide and other violent crimes like assault, battery, child abuse, kidnapping, rape, etc.

Crimes against property

These are the crimes that result in interference with the property of one party by another. They may also involve physical and mental harm to individuals but are primarily associated with deprivation of the usage of the property. Some examples include theft, burglary, robbery, larceny, etc.

Inchoate crimes


Crimes that were initiated but could not be completed and acts that assisted in the initiation of another crime are both regarded as inchoate crimes. Inchoate crimes require an individual to take a substantial step toward completing the crime to be found guilty. Some examples include attempt, conspiracy, aiding, and abetting.

Statutory crimes

Statutory crimes are those already proscribed by the statute. There are three main types of statutory crimes: alcohol-related crimes, drug-related crimes, white-collar/financial crimes, and traffic offenses. Statutory crimes are prohibited by statute because society intends to deter people from engaging in them. Some examples are driving under the influence, public intoxication, selling or supplying alcohol to minors, etc.

Financial crimes

Deception and fraud for financial gain are considered financial crimes. These crimes can include fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, money laundering, blackmail, and cybercrime.

Understanding how can a criminal lawyer defend you in court


Here’s how a criminal lawyer can help you if you are being framed in a fake criminal offense:

  • Investigate the charges imposed on you, review reports, and examine the evidence, gaps in proof, and other discrepancies that may look doubtful.
  • Scrutinize the officers’ conduct while arresting you or gathering the evidence and ensure they did not violate your constitutional rights.
  • They can provide you with professional counsel and assert your rights against prosecution.
  • They can help you develop a theory of self-defense and prove that the evidence is lacking to support charges against you.
  • They can represent you at trials in courtrooms and object to things like improper testimony and evidence.
  • They can be the communication channel between you and your family in troubling times.