Solutions for Blonde Hair That’s Turned Green: Causes and Fixes


Blonde hair is something a lot of people love for its soft and light colors. But sometimes, something strange happens: the hair starts to look a bit green. This can be really surprising and upsetting. But don’t worry! If you know why it happens and how to deal with it, you can get your hair back to looking great.

Why Does Blonde Hair Turn Green?

To understand why blonde sometimes goes green, we need to think about science and what’s around us. A lot of people think swimming pool water turns blonde into green because of the chlorine. But it’s actually because of copper and other metals in the water.

These metals stick to the locks. When they mix with chlorine, they form a layer that makes the hair look green. This isn’t just something that happens with pool water. It can also happen with regular tap water that’s very hard, or even from some products that have copper in them. All this can make your healthy blonde hair look like it is in bad condition. But, worry not as we will help you understand how to prevent all this from happening.

The Pool Problem

Swimming pools are a big reason why blonde turns green. The water has copper compounds to keep algae away. When these mix with chlorine and get on blonde locks, it can turn green. This happens more with blond because it’s lighter and soaks up more stuff than darker ones.

Trouble with Hard Water

Hard water has a lot of minerals like calcium and magnesium. These can stick to your hair, changing how it feels and looks. If there’s copper in the water, like from old pipes, your hair might start to look green. This can happen even if you haven’t been near a pool.

How Products Can Add to the Problem


Some products have colors or metals in them. These can add more metals to your hair, which then react with chlorine or hard water, turning it green. It’s important to know what’s in your hair care products to avoid this.

How to Keep Blonde Hair from Turning Green

To stop it from turning green, you can do a few things before you go swimming. Wet your hair with clean water first. This helps it soak up less pool water. Putting on some conditioner or oil can also protect your locks. If you live where the water is very hard, think about getting a water filter or use a special shampoo to stop minerals from building up on your locks.

Quick Fixes for Green Hair

If you notice your locks are starting to turn green, act fast. Wash it off with vinegar, like apple cider vinegar, as it can help. The acid in the vinegar gets rid of the copper, taking away the green color. This is a simple and effective way to fix the problem.

Shampoos That Get Rid of Buildup

There are special shampoos made to get rid of minerals from your hair. They have ingredients that stick to the metals and wash them away. Using one of these shampoos, especially after you’ve been in a pool or hard water, can stop and fix the green color.

Try Tomato Juice

It might sound weird, but tomato juice can work too. The acids in it can stop the green color from forming. Just put the juice on your hair, wait a bit, then wash and shampoo as usual. A lot of people find this method really works.

When to See a Professional


If nothing you try at home works, it might be time to see a hair expert. They have special products and know-how to fix the green color. They can give you a treatment that’s just right for your hair, making it look good again.

Keeping Blonde Hair Looking Great

Taking care of blonde hair so it doesn’t turn green means regular care. Use the right shampoos to stop minerals from building up. Deep condition your locks to keep it strong against stuff in the environment. And choose products that are made for colored hair to give extra protection.

Water Quality Matters

As you may already know, the kind of water you use is really important. Checking your water for minerals and metals can give you a heads-up. If you have hard water, think about getting a water softener or using filtered water to rinse your hair.

Healthy Hair is Happy Hair

How healthy your hair is can affect how it reacts to things around it. Hair that’s in good shape is less likely to soak up unwanted stuff that turns it green. So, take care of your hair inside and out. Make sure it’s moisturized and protected from damage to keep its color right.

pH Balance is Key

The pH level of your care products can really affect it as you may imagine. Your hair and scalp naturally have a certain pH that keeps them healthy. Using products that mess with this balance can open up your hair to more pollution, including chlorine and metals. Choosing pH-balanced products can help keep your hair safe.

What Works for You

Everyone’s locks are different. What helps one person might not help another. You might need to try a few things to find out what works best for your hair. Talking to a hair care expert can give you advice and treatments that are just right for you.


Final Thoughts

Blonde hair turning green is a problem with many causes, from the environment to chemicals. Knowing why it happens and how to stop or fix it can help keep your blonde hair looking bright and beautiful. Whether you use home remedies, the right products, or get professional help, there are lots of ways to keep your hair looking its best. Taking good care of your hair overall is the best way to keep it safe from the green tint and other issues.