Glamping on a Budget: Affordable Luxury in Norway


Norway, known for its breathtaking natural beauty and high quality of life, is often associated with luxury travel experiences. In recent years glamping, or glamorous camping, has emerged from the range of options available as an affordable way to enjoy Norway’s stunning landscapes without breaking the bank.

Contrary to popular belief, glamping is not just for the wealthy – with a little planning and responsible choices, anyone can experience the luxury of glamping on a budget. This guide will show you how to maximize your decision-making and thus maximize your experience return – and return you will!

Choosing Affordable Glamping Accommodations


The first step to glamping on a budget in Norway is to choose affordable accommodations. Glamping options range from basic to high-end, with prices varying accordingly.

While the most luxurious glamping sites may come with hefty price tags, there are plenty of budget-friendly options which still offer a comfortable and immersive experience. The country is the same, whatever the accommodation!

One such option is WonderInn Properties, a provider of affordable yet comfortable glamping accommodations throughout Norway. Their basic glamping units, such as simple canvas tents or cozy pods, offer a closer connection to nature at a lower price point than their more luxurious counterparts.

By choosing these more rustic accommodations, you can save money without sacrificing the essence of the glamping experience. As it’s your budget, the end result is glamor designed for you, and the range of options available can make that claim a reality for everyone.

To find budget-friendly glamping options, consider booking in advance or traveling during what are called “shoulder seasons”. Many glamping sites offer discounted rates for early bookings, or stays outside of peak summer months.

By being flexible with your travel dates and planning ahead, you can secure affordable glamping accommodations that fit your budget. The experience you will treasure starts with devising it, organizing it and booking it in the most effective way.

Budget-Friendly Glamping Amenities


Glamping on a budget doesn’t mean you have to forego comfort or amenities. When choosing affordable glamping accommodation, look for essential amenities which will ensure a comfortable stay without adding unnecessary costs.

At WonderInn Properties, even the most budget-friendly glamping units come equipped with comfortable bedding, basic cooking facilities and access to shared bathroom and shower facilities. These essential amenities provide the comfort and convenience you need for an enjoyable glamping experience without the added expense of luxury features.

To further enhance your budget glamping experience, consider bringing your own cozy blankets, pillows or camping chairs to create a comfortable and personalized space. You can also save money by preparing simple gourmet meals using the basic cooking facilities provided, rather than dining out for every meal.

Affordable Activities and Experiences


One of the best things about glamping in Norway is that many of the country’s most stunning natural attractions and activities are free or low-cost. By focusing on these affordable experiences, you can enjoy the beauty of Norway without overspending.

Hiking is a popular and budget-friendly activity which enables you to explore Norway’s incredible landscapes at your own pace.

Many glamping sites, including those offered by WonderInn Properties, are located near hiking trails which wind through forests and along mountains and picturesque coastlines.

Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day discovering the natural wonders surrounding your glamping accommodation. It has been calculated that there are 139 hiking trails in Norway, so wherever you stay you won’t be far from a day spent exploring and gazing and eating on the move.

Fishing is another affordable activity which can be enjoyed while glamping in Norway. Many glamping sites are also situated near lakes, rivers, or fjords, providing ample opportunities to cast a line and catch your own dinner.

Be sure to check local regulations and obtain any necessary permits before fishing. As in any country, there are rules about the type of equipment you can use, fishing seasons, what you need a license for and what you can do with the fish you have caught.

For a truly budget-friendly and memorable experience, you can also take advantage of the free activities and amenities offered by your glamping accommodation. WonderInn Properties, for example, offers guided nature walks and campfire storytelling sessions which introduce you to the local environment and culture at no extra cost.

Saving Money on Transportation and Food


Transportation and food can be significant expenses when traveling in Norway, but there are ways to save money in these areas while glamping. As in every country, there are affordable ways of doing everything if you know where to look.

To reduce transportation expenses, consider using public transportation or ride-sharing services to get to and around your glamping destination. Many of Norway’s glamping sites, including those offered by WonderInn Properties, are accessible by public transportation, making it easy and affordable to reach your accommodation without renting a car.

When it comes to food, one of the best ways to save money while glamping is to prepare your own meals. Look for glamping accommodations which offer basic kitchen facilities, such as those provided by WonderInn Properties, and stock up on groceries at local markets.

By cooking your own meals, you can enjoy the flavors of Norway without the high costs of dining out. You can also ensure that you aren’t deprived of the essentials from home by researching the local offerings beforehand to find the most appropriate alternatives.

Some glamping providers, like WonderInn Properties, may also have partnerships with local transportation or food providers which offer discounts to guests. Be sure to inquire about any such partnerships when booking your accommodation, as they can help you save money on these essential expenses.



Glamping in Norway is an experience which combines the beauty of the great outdoors with the comforts of home, and doesn’t have to be a luxury reserved for the wealthy. By choosing affordable accommodations, focusing on budget-friendly amenities and activities and being intelligent about transportation and food costs, you can enjoy the glamping experience on a budget.

Providers like WonderInn Properties offer a range of affordable and comfortable glamping options throughout Norway, making it easier than ever to experience the country’s natural wonders without overspending. By glamping on a budget, you can focus on what truly matters: immersing yourself in Norway’s stunning landscapes, disconnecting from the stresses of everyday life and creating lasting memories in the great outdoors.

There are few better options available for the budget-conscious traveler than glamping, as it offers all you need and nothing you don’t need. If you start planning your affordable glamping adventure in Norway today, you will discover how luxurious budget-friendly travel can be.