Paying Excise Duty on a Car: A Comprehensive Guide


When you import a car from a foreign country, you are required to pay an excise duty. This guide will walk you through the process of how to pay the excise duty on a car and highlight the services of akcyzawarszawa, a company that specializes in handling excise duties, car insurance, and car registration for their clients.

What is Excise Duty?


Excise duty, commonly referred to as excise tax, is an indirect form of taxation imposed on specific goods or services such as tobacco, alcohol, energy, and sometimes, motor vehicles. The aim of this tax is to decrease the consumption of these goods and services due to their impact on health and the environment.

In the context of motor vehicles, excise duty is applied to all cars that are first registered in a country, regardless of whether they are new or used. The amount of the tax depends on the car’s market value and engine capacity.

When is Excise Duty Required?

Excise duty is mandatory for all individuals importing a car that has not been previously registered in the country. The implementation of this tax was intended to increase the attractiveness of new, locally produced vehicles.

How to Calculate Excise Duty


The amount of excise duty for a car depends on two factors: the value of the vehicle and the engine capacity. The vehicle’s value is determined based on the purchase-sale agreement or the invoice if the vehicle is purchased for a company. The engine capacity influences the excise rate, which is higher for cars with an engine capacity exceeding 2000 cm3.

Current Excise Duty Rates

The current excise duty rates in Poland are as follows:

3.1% of the car’s value for vehicles with an engine capacity up to 2000 cm3.

18.6% of the car’s value for vehicles with an engine capacity above 2000 cm3.

For hybrid and electric cars, reduced excise duty rates apply:

1.55% of the car’s value for hybrids with an engine capacity up to 2000 cm3.

9.3% of the car’s value for hybrids with an engine capacity above 2000 cm3.

Paying Excise Duty


You can pay the excise duty at the Tax Omce. When importing a car from abroad, the excise duty should be paid within 14 days of bringing the vehicle into Poland. This can be done in person at the tax omce or online, using the special cc.

Required Documents for Excise Duty Payment

When filling out the excise duty declaration, you will need the following documents:

The vehicle’s registration document.

A document confirming the acquisition of the vehicle (e.g., purchase-sale agreement).

Identification document (e.g., ID card).

Professional Services

Paying excise duty can be a complicated process, especially for those importing a car for the first time. In such cases, it’s recommended to use the services of a professional company like akcyzawarszawa, which specializes in handling these matters.

Akcyzawarszawa Services


Akcyzawarszawa offers a service to pay the excise duty for cars imported from Germany (Akcyza za samochód z Niemiec). The company has extensive experience in the field of excise duties and car registration, offering professional advice and quick service. They also provide translation services for any document required for registration, making the process even smoother for you.


Importing a car is a process that requires not only proper knowledge but also patience and meticulousness. Excise duty is a crucial element of this process that should not be overlooked. Remember, it’s always a good idea to seek help from professionals like

akcyzawarszawa, who can guide you through the entire process effortlessly.