Staging Tips For Your Bedrooms


A home’s bedrooms, particularly the main bedroom, should have a calm and serene ambiance when prospective buyers tour them. Buyers should be able to envision themselves relaxing in the bedroom after a demanding day and feeling rejuvenated when they start their next one.

Although many sellers stage their master bedroom, bedrooms for guests and children should also be considered. Buyers need to visualize themselves using the rooms, and it’s best to show them cozy sleeping areas. You can achieve this with a few simple bedroom staging suggestions.



For many homes, guest or seldom-used bedrooms are storage spaces for excess clothing, accessories, and bedding. When showcasing a house to potential buyers, remove everything from the closets and thoroughly clean the room. Moreover, a vacant closet can give the impression of having lots of storage space.

Maintain a gender-neutral décor style

Realtors in Raleigh, NC, say that during a sale, it is vital that every bedroom have a neutral color scheme, just like the rest of the house. Since bedrooms are the most private areas in a home, making them as gender-neutral as possible is essential to appeal to a wide range of customers. This is especially true of the master bedroom. Make an exquisite area that both men and women will find appealing. Remove family pictures, political and religious souvenirs, and trinkets to neutralize the area.

Introduce more natural light


Make sure your bedroom is bright and light when you stage it. As natural light is usually softer and more calming than artificial light, please make the most of it. Put in sheers and light-colored drapes. In this manner, you can allow natural light to enter during the day and still utilize the sheers to filter harsh light or provide seclusion when needed.

Steer clear of thick drapes and curtains with striking patterns or hues since they may divert potential purchasers. Lamps are a fantastic choice because the shades will create the illusion of a cozy sleeping area while also softening the light.

Create a focal point

Assign the bed’s optimal placement to allow for space on both sides. Don’t shove one side up against the wall to avoid giving the impression that the space is small. Use only necessary furniture, such as side tables, lamps, a dresser, and maybe a chair, to arrange the space aside from the bed. Demonstrating to potential purchasers that an entire bedroom set can fit in the space should be the goal.

Style the bed


A well-styled bedroom that appeals to any consumer starts with a well-made bed. Choose neutral bedding so that it can go with any decor. Additionally, you can decorate the bed according to the season and temperature where you live, such as with a comfortable duvet in the winter and a lightweight quilt in the summer. Add a few throw pillows to complete the ensemble for a playful flash of color or pattern.

Summing up

Staging a bedroom merely requires bringing in some opulent elements, fostering a calm atmosphere, and calming down any overtly gender-specific or flamboyant décor.