Level Up Your Outdoor Work with DOVOH Laser Level

Are you looking forward to doing some home renovation, installing a cabinet, hanging a picture frame, or any other task that requires precise measurements? A level is among the important tools that you require.

Bubble level is one of the tools used but you need to be very careful since it isn’t always reliable and durable. Improvement in technology and the need to have a level that’s more accurate, durable, and with high-level performance, led to the innovation of laser levels.

Since there are several laser levels available, choosing the best that’s more functional may be challenging. However, we did some research and tested several levels on usability, functionality, durability, and value and the DOVOH Laser Level was unique from the rest.

Let’s have detailed information about its features and how it helps each in performing its function.

DOVOH Laser Level Description

DOVOH brand is one of the best brands and it’s committed to delivering the best quality and most accurate level to clients. Furthermore, this brand offers a 5-year warranty to its level on issues with accuracy and 2 2-year warranty on quality issues.

This is a heavy-duty 3D level that’s perfect for use in several outdoor activities including construction, framing, tiling, etc. This self-leveling level outdoor has 110mw high-power laser diodes that project very brighter and visible green beams and most of its competitors use 30mw laser diodes.

Moreover, this laser level features a 360 self-leveling pendulum assembly design with two cushioning structures to protect the pendulum from accidental drop. The improved pendulum framework ensures that there is high consistency in durability and accuracy.

DOVOH 3d laser level features two 360° vertical lines and a single 360° horizontal line. With its mode-switching design, remember to lock the pendulum before switching off the laser to prevent a pendulum swing.

This device supports pulse mode and it’s compatible with a 10 KHz receiver. It works properly within a range of 197ft/60m under pulse mode and with a laser receiver during the day.

This device comes with a strong and durable housing made with the best quality plastic with rubbers at the edges. Moreover, its cover is made with aluminum alloy which protects the device from accidental drop.

This tool comes with two lithium batteries (7.4V 2600mAh) which allows this tool to continuously operate for over 8 hours with all the 12 lines ON. Moreover, if you haven’t completed the work yet and the battery power is low, you can still use the device with a direct plug-in.

Key Features

  • High Visibility

DOVOH outdoor laser level comes with high-power diodes (110mw) that make it more visible. Moreover, these bright laser level has brilliant heat dissipation and this prevents laser diodes from burning or overworking. In case the laser beam is hard during the day, switch to a 10 KHz receiver.

  • Efficient and Durable

DOVOH brand conducts a drop test for every batch of laser levels with a sampling rate of 0.2%. In addition, its dustproof design makes it suitable for use in harsh environments. This tool comes with a hard shell with an IP rating of IP54 hence this tool will survive in almost any environment.

  • Aluminium Alloy Cover

The protective cover of this outdoor laser level is built using strong aluminum alloy. This will protect the device from harsh weather including dust or rain. In addition, its protective cover is thin and lightweight making this tool perfect for use on ceiling or tiling walls.

  • Target Plate

This tool comes with a green target plate. This helps in increasing the visibility of its green beam. Moreover, the target plate helps in adheres to the metal ceiling grid making it suitable for drop ceiling leveling.

  • Pulse Mode

DOVOH laser level outdoor supports pulse mode. Therefore, it can comfortably work with a 10 KHz receiver.

  • Accurate Calibration

DOVOH laser levels come with a copper cylinder that helps in increasing it’s stability. Thus, there will be decreased fluctuations and vibrations that are important in helping to maintain precise leveling and measurements.

To have accurate calibration on the line, the balance weight in different directions is adjusted. After that, all laser lines from every direction are displayed and measured on the screen to examine their accuracy.

Moreover, this tool strictly meets the accuracy requirement of ±1/13 in. at 33ft. and this is very important for the task that needs precise leveling and measurements including construction, carpentry, and surveying.

  • Useful Accessories

DOVOH 360 laser level comes with a hard tool box hence it will be simple to carry and store the device. Furthermore, the hard toolbox also makes this tool ideal for use at a workshop or construction site. You’ll also get high-capacity and durable rechargeable batteries to help you work for a long without a recharge. In addition, customers will also get green glasses to offer better recognition of the green beam.

  • 5 Years Warranty

DOVOH brand is committed to offering durable and high-accuracy levels. Moreover, they will replace or repair the levels with accuracy issues within 5 years. In addition, they also offer free repair for every quality issue experienced within 2 years.


  • Features powerful laser diodes to project a brighter beam
  • Features pendulum assembly design
  • It’s affordable
  • Features distinct mode-switching design
  • Supports pulse mode to work with a 10 KHz receiver
  • Comes with two high-capacity batteries for extended use
  • Offers high accuracy
  • Has a self-leveling time of less than 4 seconds
  • Has a strong hard shell with an IP rating of IP54, able to withstand harsh environments
  • Best for tiling wall and ceiling
  • Comes with a heavy-duty casing


  • Has no remote control


DOVOH is among the best brands that manufacture high-quality levels. Moreover, the brand is well known for its high accuracy and they are committed to offering durable and best quality with high accuracy level.

DOVOH High Visibility Laser Level comes with powerful diodes that project brighter beams for visibility. Its aluminum alloy cover will protect this device from dust and rain. You’ll get this tool with two high-capacity batteries that allow you to have a run time of 18 hours when working with 4 lines, 11 hours with 8 lines, and 8 hours with 12 lines.