What Health Conditions can a Puzzle Bowl Prevent?

Puzzle bowls have a wide range of health and wellness benefits.They have emerged as a clever and effective tool to prevent common issues like dog bloating.

These specialised bowls feature intricate patterns and compartments that encourage dogs to eat more slowly, discouraging rapid and excessive ingestion of food, a known contributor to this problem . By slowing down the eating process, puzzle bowls promote better digestion and minimise the risk of gastric issues and help to prevent bloat.

The mental stimulation provided by the puzzle design also engages dogs during mealtime, making it an enjoyable and health-conscious solution to address concerns related to rapid eating and potential bloating. As a preventative measure, incorporating a puzzle bowl into a dog’s feeding routine not only supports their overall well-being but also adds an interactive element to their daily lives.

Puzzle Bowls Can Prevent Choking

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There are fewer things scarier than seeing your dog excitedly go for a meal and then they choke.

While not usually deadly, it’s not a fun experience and it can also lead to vomiting if they cough hard enough while trying to get kibble out of their throat.

Puzzle bowls can stop choking, because your dog isn’t eating as quickly.  It’s much harder for them to get something lodged in their throat if they only have a few pieces of kibble at a time.

Puzzle Bowls Can Prevent Vomiting

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Every dog owner has had the experience of their dog eating too quickly and then immediately vomiting up their meal.

It’s a disgusting experience for us humans and an uncomfortable one for our dogs.

A puzzle bowl will allow your dog’s stomach to settle between bites and they won’t be able to eat enough in one mouthful to make themselves sick.

Puzzle Bowls Can Prevent Gassiness and Nausea

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When dogs eat quickly, they also swallow a lot of air.  As this air moves through their digestive system, it can cause discomfort and even nausea.

Eventually that trapped air makes it to the other end and becomes gas.

Both of these things are uncomfortable for your dog even if it’s only temporary.

Most dogs eat two to three meals a day, so even if it’s temporary, it’s uncomfortable almost all day for them.

Most of us have eaten a big meal or eaten too quickly and have been nauseous for at least a couple of hours.  How miserable would it be to be nauseous for at least six hours every day?

A puzzle bowl will slow eating and greatly reduce the amount of air in your dog’s digestive system.  This can greatly alleviate both gassiness and nausea for them.

With all of these great benefits, it can’t hurt to give a puzzle bowl a try.  It might be just the solution you’ve been looking for, for your dog who is a little too excited at meal times.