How to Use Chew Toys to Reduce Dog Separation Anxiety


Dog separation anxiety is a real problem.  Not only can they become accidentally destructive, but they can potentially harm themselves.  They may run around and accidentally knock things over on themselves or break things, such as glass, that can cause injury.

No one wants their dog to experience stress over everyday things like you needing to go to work or run errands.

Thankfully, a high quality chew toy such as our Fenrir Hammer can help reduce separation anxiety.  You just need to help your dog along and offer the proper tools to them.

How Does Chewing Reduce Dog Separation Anxiety?

Most people know that chewing helps keep their dog’s teeth clean and healthy, but it can also reduce anxiety.

Biting and chewing are natural instincts that help relieve a variety of things such as boredom, loneliness, anxiety, frustration and fear.  It does this by releasing endorphins.

That’s why some dogs will chew on shoes, furniture and even walls once their owner is out of the house.  It helps to relieve those feelings of anxiety and fear.

High Quality Chew Toys for Dog Separation Anxiety


It’s important to select a long lasting toy to help your dog with their separation anxiety.  Cheap toys won’t stand up to the amount of chewing an anxious canine can do.

A high quality rubber made for vigorous chewing will stand a much better chance as it’s harder to bite, chew and tear through.

Not only this, but most high quality rubber chews are made to be filled with treats and can be frozen. This makes them a great distraction and helps the experience last much longer.

If you’ll be gone for hours, you want to make sure your dog has the proper tool that will last them until you get home.

Helping to Reduce Dog Separation Anxiety for Your Canine


You can build positive associations that will ultimately help curb, and even possibly prevent, separation anxiety in your dog.

You can fill your dog’s favourite chew toy with their absolute favourite treat.  If you need to, you can moisten it with some water or low sodium chicken broth.  Then pack the hammer toy full and freeze it.

Ideally, you want to freeze their treat overnight, but make sure you put it in the freezer for at least thirty minutes. This will help to distract them with a high value reward while also giving them something appropriate to chew on.

Your goal is to help redirect your dog away from their anxiety.  If they’re excited about a tasty treat and toy, it’s hard to focus on you leaving.

Eventually, they’ll associate you leaving for work or errands with good things and it will be much, much easier for them to remain calm.

You can also start small.  Leave for only ten or fifteen minutes and take a walk around your block to get your dog accustomed to the new routine.  It might take longer this way, but you can slowly build up to longer times and it will be less stressful on your dog.