The Evolution of Packaging: Maximizing Innovation through Clamshell & Kraft

Maximizing Innovation through Clamshell & Kraft

Packaging holds a significant role in shaping consumer choices in today’s market-driven environment. The way a product is packaged can wield considerable influence over its appeal and market success. Over the years, the evolution of packaging techniques has ushered in fresh and captivating approaches to product presentation.

One popular trend is using Clamshell and Kraft packages. These special materials make products easy to see, keep them safe, and are good for the environment. Let us take a look at how these two have changed and their advantages, bringing new and innovative ideas today.

Clamshell Packaging Canada: A Practical and Functional Solution


Clamshells are made of plastic but can also be made from other materials like styrofoam, paperboard, cardboard, or recycled paper. They consist of two identical pieces called “shells” that are attached on one side and have tabs on the other side. These tabs allow them to be closed and securely locked, similar to real clamshells.

They are widely used in the food industry to package various items such as sandwiches, pies, cookies, bread, burgers, BBQ ribs, frozen lobster tails, salads, and more.

Clamshell containers are readily available at various retail locations, including markets, food stands, food trucks, and catering services. While they are primarily associated with food packaging, it is not uncommon to come across specific clamshell packages in hardware stores as well.

It has light material, which can save money on shipping and make it easier to handle. It’s also affordable so it won’t break your budget.

Innovative Trends in Clamshell Packaging


New and exciting changes have been made in the industry, improving clamshell design and materials. These advancements have made clamshell packages more versatile and efficient, making them better at their job.

Customization, accessibility, and ease of use have played a big role in making clamshell packages better for everyone. Manufacturers can now customize clamshells to fit the specific needs of products perfectly. They can add features like easy-open tabs or tear strips, making it easier for people to get the product inside. The overall design of clamshells has also been improved to be more user-friendly, providing a better experience for consumers.

Different industries, like electronics and cosmetics, have seen the benefits of these innovative clamshell package trends. Electronic devices now come in clamshell packages with special compartments designed for them, protecting them during shipping and storage. Cosmetic products use creative clamshell designs with mirrors or built-in applicators, making them more convenient and functional.

These new trends using clamshells have revolutionized the industry by offering better designs and easier access. As technology and customer demand change, we can see more exciting developments in clamshell packages.

What is Kraft Packaging?


The market for kraft paper has been growing steadily due to the increasing recognition of its eco-friendly nature. In 2020, the market was valued at around $17 million, with an average annual growth rate of 3.5%. By 2028, the kraft paper market is projected to reach an estimated value of $22.38 billion.

Kraft paper boxes, named after the German word for strength, are brown-colored boxes made from a special process that makes them more durable than regular cardboard boxes. These boxes are crafted from natural materials, including natural wood fibers, recycled paperboard, and sulfur. The sulfur content adds density to the packages, providing an extra layer of protection while remaining environmentally friendly.

Companies also have the option to bleach kraft boxes, changing their color to white, although many people prefer the natural brown color for its rustic appearance. There are several types of kraft paper materials dominating the market. Each type is highly useful, and the main differences lie in the fibers used and the finishes in the production process.

Kraft paper packages offer additional benefits when combined with other sustainable products. For instance, adding a layer of waterproof PP film, a type of thermoplastic, on top of the material can make the case waterproof for consumers.

Several industries, known as “end-use industries,” can greatly benefit from using kraft paper materials. These include the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care, building and construction, aerospace engineering, automotive, and electronics industries.

Leveraging Kraft Packaging for Branding and Sustainability


Kraft boxes are made using a sustainable manufacturing process. Kraft paper packages offer several environmental benefits compared to regular cardboard boxes.

They are:

  • Made from compostable materials.
  • Non-toxic and odorless.
  • Free from pollution.
  • Supports low-carbon environmental protection.
  • Approved by the National Protection Agency and listed as an eco-friendly material by the FDA for protection against gamma irradiation exposure.

These boxes also help to combat plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is spreading globally and can contaminate waterways and groundwater supplies. This urgent situation requires action. By regulating single-use plastics and promoting kraft paper packages, many companies can advocate their commitment to the environment.

Selecting the Right Packaging Solution for Your Product

Choosing between clamshell and kraft packages depends on different things and your product needs.

Clamshells are good for showing off products, keeping them secure, and are versatile. However, they might not be as environmentally friendly, and recycling them can be difficult.

On the other hand, kraft papers are eco-friendly, strong, and can be customized. It attracts environmentally conscious customers and can be adjusted to fit different product needs. However, they can’t provide the same level of product protection as clamshells.

Collaborating with seasoned professionals and established suppliers, such as Patek Packaging, proves to be invaluable when striving to select the optimal solution. We have valuable industry knowledge and experience. They can give you tailored solutions based on your product needs.