How to Choose the Best Nile Cruise in Egypt


Nile cruises in Egypt are one of the top-rated tours and a great way to explore the Nile valley.

The Nile cruise is a tour on the Nile by large ships provided by accommodation units, restaurants, and other hotel facilities and services.

These ships are called “floating hotels”, and like regular hotels, they have different levels of service, sizes, and prizes.

So before booking a Nile cruise. You have to know the different types and categories of Nile cruisers to be able to choose the best one for you.

Classification of floating hotels in Egypt depends on many factors related to the ship itself and its maintenance and renovations.

And also the quality of services and type of facilities provided to clients.

It is to be mentioned that the norm of classifying the floating hotel does not depend on its official rating, since most of the current floating hotels in Egypt have a 5- star rating.

Though, on the practical side, there are many differences in shape, facilities, and levels of service among 5-star floating hotels.

So let’s explore a more accurate classification for the Nile cruises to help you find the proper ship for your journey.

Factors of classifying the Nile cruise


The most common classification of Nile cruises in Egypt is:

  • Luxury Nile cruises.
  • Deluxe Nile cruises.
  • Standard Nile cruises.

Many factors affect the classification of floating hotels in Egypt.

Some of these factors may relate not only to the existence of facilities but also to their quality level.

Effective factors in categorizing floating hotels in Egypt


The ship:

  • The size of the ship may influence its rating but you have to know that the size of floating hotels in Egypt is restricted as ship size must be fitted to the Esna lock.
  • The age of the ship is also one of the most effective factors, as older ships tend to be less luxurious.
  • The regular renovation and maintenance of the ship.
  • The design and the decor of the Nile cruise.
  • The ownership of the floating hotel is also considerable, as the ships owned by international hotel chains are surely more luxurious.

Cabins and suites:

  • The number of rooms, as the fewer cabins the ship has, the more luxurious it becomes since it affects the size of rooms, the privacy, and the services.
  • The size of the accommodation units impacts the quality of the guest experience.
  • The location of the cabins also matters, as in the most luxurious ships all cabins must be on the upper decks because the lower decks are close to the engines, and that causes big noise and disturbance for guests.
  • The existence of a balcony or not, and the type of windows and its view.


  • The existence of facilities and services on the cruise.
  • Cleanliness of the ship, cabins, restaurant, and all other facilities.
  • Applying all the safety standards.
  • The types and quality of food.

Luxury Nile cruises


This category includes the best of the 5-star floating hotels.

Luxury Nile cruise ships have the best quality of services and facilities.

Concerning the age of the ship, those luxury Nile cruises are new, and annual Renovation and maintenance are regularly done.

It provides each client with high-end quality services.

The restaurant is spacious with elegant decor and design.

The food is served in an open buffet and also a la carte.

It serves various food types with the best taste and quality, Along with different choices to meet all personal preferences and needs.

Cabins of the luxury ships are spacious and lavishly furnished with large beds and comfy sofas and chairs.

Some ultra-luxurious floating hotels have only suites instead of regular cabins.

In addition, you can find all your needs inside the cabin like LCD TV, mini bar, safe box, and telephone.

Besides, all the cabins and suites look over the Nile with a large balcony to allow the guest to enjoy the beauty of nature while relaxing in his room.

Facilities in luxury Nile cruises


In addition, luxury Nile cruises must have all the entertainment facilities like pool, spa and fitness center.

The pool:

They have a large pool on the sun deck, and it may be attached to a jacuzzi.

The size of this sundeck pool is considerably big, with different levels of depth.

The water of the pool is always clean and clear, and a certified lifeguard is available during the operation of the pool.

Health club and fitness center:

Like any typical land hotel, luxury floating hotels comprise a fitness center and a health club.

The fitness center is provided with modern sports equipment.

Typically, The health club includes massage rooms, a sauna, and a jacuzzi.

Beauty salon:

Ultra-luxury ships also have a beauty salon to offer all cosmetic services for the guest.

The sundeck:

It is provided with tables, comfortable sofas, and chairs with sufficient numbers to accommodate most guests.

There is a bar on the deck for beverages and snacks, with the availability of hot and cold drinks.

it includes a Coffee machine, a fridge, and an ice maker machine.

Also on the sundeck, you may find an area equipped for barbecue parties, with a grill and buffet line.

Deluxe Nile cruises


Deluxe Nile cruises are also 5-star floating hotels, but with some differences in quality.

It is more affordable than luxury Nile cruises, but it may not be perfect at each detail like them.

The size of rooms is smaller, and also other facilities like the restaurant may not accommodate all guests at the same time.

Also, the pool is smaller and has fewer sun lounges beside it.

The variety of food is less, and also the quality.

Some facilities may not exist in deluxe Nile cruises.

Standard Nile cruises

Typically, they are 5-star Nile cruises, but at affordable prices.

So it is very appropriate for travelers who want the best quality in a reasonable budget range.

Surely, this difference affects the quality of services and the size of cabins and facilities, and also the type and variety of food.

However, standard Nile cruises still have a very good level of hotel services and facilities. Our best recommendation in this category is Princess Sarah Nile Cruise.

In conclusion, to choose the most suitable Nile cruise, you have to adjust your budget and your targeted level of luxury.