What It Means to Be Charged With Crime and What to Do

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Being charged with a crime can make your life unbearable, considering the harsh consequences in case you are found guilty. Things can worsen, especially if you don’t understand the criminal justice system and what happens next.

You need to know what to do when you are charged with a crime. Depending on the nature of the charge, you may be taken into custody and have a hearing before a judge within 24 or 72 hours.

What to Do

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The first thing you need to do is get legal representation as soon as possible. Besides, consider contacting a bail bondsman in your area if you cannot make bail after you’ve been arrested.

The decision to hire a lawyer should be made carefully and with full knowledge of the facts involved in your case. You must understand that hiring an attorney is not something you take lightly.

Hiring the wrong attorney could increase the risk of conviction, result in unnecessary legal fees, or, even worse, result in a wrongful conviction. However, the right attorney, such as Bryan Kazarian, can make all the difference in your case.

Below are the benefits of hiring a professional criminal defense attorney;

Interprets the Complex Criminal Justice System

A qualified attorney can interpret the complex criminal justice system and help you navigate through it. They know how to read the law and understand how they apply in every state and county.

They also know what questions to ask your lawyer so that they can give you sound legal advice on your case.

Negotiate With Your Prosecutors

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An experienced criminal defense attorney knows how to negotiate with prosecutors to get charges reduced or even dismissed. If possible, they will try to get the charges dismissed without you having to plead guilty or admit guilt in court.

This can be very important because pleading guilty can negatively affect future employment opportunities and other aspects of your life.

Fighting Charges

Criminal defense attorneys will fight charges such as assault, theft or murder by challenging the evidence against their clients or negotiating with prosecutors to reduce charges or dismiss them entirely. This can help defendants avoid harsh penalties such as significant fines or lengthy prison sentences.

Protecting Constitutional Rights

Constitutional rights are guaranteed to every citizen under federal law and state laws that vary from place to place. These include freedom of speech and religion, protection against unreasonable search and seizure and due process when accused of a crime. A lawyer can make sure these rights are protected during police questioning.

Prepare for Trial

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A criminal defense lawyer knows how to prepare for trial, including locating witnesses and preparing them to testify on your behalf. They also know what questions they need to ask in order to present a strong case in court.

Key Takeaway

When you or a loved one is charged with a crime, your life can be turned upside down. Even if the charges are eventually dismissed, or you are found not guilty, the stress of going through the criminal justice system can take an emotional toll on your well-being.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s essential to understand your legal rights and options. Find an attorney to help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights.