Beginners Guide to Crash Games


Crash games are a very simple but very unique type of game in which a random number will be larger than the target number you specify as the player. Crash games are quite common in cryptocurrency casinos with no upper limit.

The result gets displayed as a rocket so that as the rocket increases and its altitude or its rank at an exponential rate until it explodes. Your goal as the player is to place a bet on that rocket being able to achieve a rank or altitude equivalent to the winning goal. They are called crash games because of this crash effect.

You might see these games listed under many names depending on the top manufacturer. As the player, you get to set your winning goal which can be up to 1,000 times your original bet.

Then the spaceship is watched at an altitude of 1. Every second the spaceship can either explode or increase at an exponential rate going up in altitude.

You set a certain altitude at which point the pilot injects and if they eject prior to reaching that altitude, prior to the space ship exploding, then you win your bet plus whatever the altitude was at which the pilot ejected.

Top Games


There are many developers today who provide crash games but the three titles below are some of the top three you can play if you are interested in crash games.

What makes a crash game good or what makes the best software developer, really boils down to what type of visual entertainment and engagement you want. For most players, watching something more than a simple dot is what makes the game exciting.

Aviator – The Best Crash Game


Aviator is considered by many to be the best crash game because it is the original. Developed by an arcade game developer Spribe, Aviator is the original version where the plane is seen flying before it crashes, as described above.

With other versions, this plane might be substituted for a simple dot which isn’t nearly as exciting or entertaining for most players as watching the plane.

Jet Lucky


This is yet another top manufactured crash game which features the dot moving upward across the chart. All of these versions have a manual mode or an auto-play mode.

With autoplay, you get to adjust things like your stop on loss or stop on profit strategies but with the manual mode, you get the excitement of being completely in control.



SmartSoft Gaming makes a crash game called JetX. In Aviator for example your multiplier is listed at the top of the screen but in other crash games at the bottom.

In Aviator you get to play with a rocket ship whereas in other crash games you get to play with a dot that moves upward.

How/where to play these games for free


When you play these games online for free you can choose between Aviator or other crash games with the biggest difference being the layout.  Online casinos offer a diverse range of free and paid crash games that are both entertaining and simple to play.

They can be played at high risk with large bets or at low risk with small bets and immediate withdrawal after a win. The ability to attract both high rollers and regular gamblers has contributed to the popularity of crash games at online casinos.

They serve as a wonderful alternative for people who don’t want traditional table games or slot games. Crash is technically a crypto game which means you can play it with cryptocurrency and in some crypto casinos you can play it with fiat currency. You can play crash games with digital cryptocurrency like aetherium, Litecoin, or Bitcoin.

It’s very different from slot games but it’s still easy to pick up so beginners can get the hang of it quickly. The rules are straightforward, there are no extra strategies in this game of luck so you can cultivate your own approach when it comes to the amount you want to place for your bets.

In most situations you won’t get any type of special cash bonus for playing crash games and the crash games won’t contribute toward wagering requirements if you are playing at a casino that has things like first deposit or welcome bonuses.

When you play these games for free you don’t have to download anyting. Crash is not an independent game but rather a game you can play at different online casinos including cryptocurrency casinos. So, the games get played directly from your browser if the casinos use HTML5 technology.

The key to your success is being able to cash out at precisely the right time. Each time you play the round moves fast which increases the excitement no matter which version you are playing. You have to be on the ball, watching the game closely. But as you learn to do this, you will enjoy higher levels of success and much more entertainment value.