What Are the Chances of Real Madrid Winning Champions League?

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Football or soccer as it is known in the USA is the most popular sport in the world. Billions of people eagerly await every match, which could be seen from the viewership of the finals of the recently concluded World Cup. The whole world was waiting to see if Messi would finally win the title or if it would be France again.

Right after the World Cup is the Champions League in terms of popularity and prestige. Since it was first played in the 50s, one team has stood out as the most successful by far, and that is the royal team from Madrid. The knockout stage is just around the corner, so let’s find out together what are the chances of Real Madrid winning Champions League 2024.


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Real Madrid won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League 14 times and played in the final 3 more times. When we know that AC Milan is second on that list with “just” 7 trophies, then it is clear why Real Madrid is such a big club and why we always have to count them among the biggest favorites.

They reminded us of that last year when they managed to win the title again with a significantly weakened team compared to the previous decade. Before the start of the season, no one ranked Real Madrid among the top 5 best teams.

Champions League

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This year, Los Blancos’ chances are significantly higher. They are playing great and it can be seen that the squad led by manager Carlo Ancelotti will attack the title again.

What can be a problem for them is the draw. Immediately in the round of 16, they drew one of the toughest possible rivals – Liverpool. This doubleheader is great for all football fans because these are two legendary clubs. If they overcome this obstacle, we will see who they will play in the quarterfinals. In any case, they have great chances to reach the semi-finals, and then everything is possible.

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We should also look back at the Spanish national championship.

Real Madrid also holds the record with 35 titles won, and they were runner ups 24 more times. Barcelona came significantly closer to them in terms of the number of titles in the Messi era and now has only 9 titles less.

At the moment, they are practically equal in the standings, so every point will be important until the end. Perhaps the title will be decided in El Clasico, the most important derby match in the world.


In the middle of February, the unfolding in the Champions League for this season begins. It is up to you to watch every match and enjoy all the thrills that football brings. Football is even more interesting when we bet on it and expect a big win while hanging out with friends. We just can’t wait for it to start!