4 Important Flag Display Rules to Know

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When you fly an American flag at your home, there are certain rules that must be followed so you are showing this symbol the respect and reverence it deserves. When you look into the etiquette involved in displaying the American flag, there are very specific rules regarding how the flag should be positioned and where the stars and stripes should be pointing. These rules or “flag etiquette” are designed so that the flag is always displayed with the proper amount of respect and so the observer is looking at the flag with the union in the highest position of honor.

There are many rules to follow when you fly a flag that can be found online on your state’s national website or a quick Google search will also bring them up. It is always best to consult with a professional if you have any questions because the way a flag is displayed is important for everyone.

4 Important flag display rules

1. Hanging your flag from a porch or balcony

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For most Americans, displaying their flag from their front porch or balcony shows everyone who passes by that they are true patriots and proud to be living in the United States. The flag is a symbol of freedom and the American way. There are some rules on how to display your flag in this position, so it is always best to look into them before you inadvertently offend someone. Never display your flag upside down as that is the historical sign of a distress signal.

When you hang your flag from the porch diagonally or horizontally from a pole, the union should be at the peak of the flag. Unless the flag is flying at half-mast which is the case of mourning or other occasion signaled by the White House.

2. Displaying your flag against a wall

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Some people may live in an apartment and don’t have the option of flying their flag outside. These patriots can choose to hang their flat on a wall and need to follow the special etiquette around doing that. When you hang your flag on your wall whether vertically or horizontally, the union must be in the uppermost right-hand corner of the flag.

This means when you are facing it, it should be to your left at the uppermost corner of the flag. The flag should always be flat on the wall and spread out in an area that can accommodate its size.

3. Flags on cars and trucks

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Some choose to have a flag on their vehicle or their boat in addition to somewhere at their home. When you display your flag on your vehicle, there are certain rules to follow. When displaying one flag, that flag should be flown on the right passenger side of the vehicle. If more than one flag is being displayed, then you can hang one flag on the driver’s side and one on the passenger side, but they must be of equal height.

When displayed on a vehicle, the American flag should be shown with the union in the upper left corner unless being flown on the passenger side. When displayed on the passenger side, the union should be in the upper right corner so it is displayed in the highest position of honor.

4. Displaying more than one flag

Some people like to display more than one flag at a time. They can also wave their state flag along with the American flag to show their allegiance to their state and country. When flying two flags outside your home, the American flag should always fly higher than any other. If you are flying the flags from a shared flagstaff, then the American flag should be placed in the highest position. When another national flag is flown with the American flag then those two flags should fly at the same height. This falls in line with international laws that forbid one nation’s flag from flying higher than another during times of peace.

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Other rules involving the American flag include:

time of day to raise and lower the flag
• what to do if the flag touches the ground
• how to raise and lower a flag
• when should you fly the flag at half-mast
• how to dispose of a flag
• where to put a flag on a boat
• how to store a flag

When you decide to invest in a good quality flag to display on your property with pride, make sure you are following the rules set out to treat the American flag with honor and respect. When you put the flag up on your porch, ensure the union is at the peak of the flag in the highest spot of honor and that it is flying higher than a state flag.

Always display your flag flat against a wall if you are hanging it with the union to the observer’s left. When you want to display your flag on your vehicle, fly it on the passenger side with the union in the topmost right corner so it is in a place of prominence. Lastly, always fly the American flag higher than other flags except other national flags in times of peace. When you display the flag at your home, it is your responsibility to make sure it is hung and flows correctly with respect.