Different Dates That You Can Explore with an Escort

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Dating is hard in 2024 and there is no one denying that. We spend our time constantly worrying about what our other half thinks and feel that we forget to enjoy ourselves in the mountains of stress. But does it always have to be like that?

The short answer is no, but unforetold that is just how it is for many couples, unless of which you find the match of your life and you never have to worry about a thing again. Your answer is an adult service in Sydney here.

We must all admit that it would be nice to be a little selfish ever so often. To be able to go on a date but have everything the way ‘we’ want it to be. Not to have to worry about what your partner is feeling but to just enjoy the date for what it is, all about yourself.

We are happy to inform you that there is a way to make this happen, though it might cost you a little bit more than what a ‘normal’ date costs you. When you hire an escort you get to choose what type of date you want, how you want it to play it, and everything that it should and should not involve.

If you are all new to this then we have listed some of the most popular date types that you can enjoy with a stunning lady.

Sleepover dates

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As the name suggests this sleepover date is where you can hire an escort to come and enjoy a sleepover at your place or a hotel. This booking is for those who do not want to spend as little as an hour with the person of choice. You will get the spend the evening, night and a very short morning together. Normally these dates last around 12 hours and are around 8 pm. You will normally go out for dinner then have some drinks and see where the evening takes you both. There is also normally a min sleep time here so you cant stay up all night.

The dinner date

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The dinner date is very popular with businessmen and those who find themselves traveling to new cities alone. Here you can enjoy the company of a stunning woman to share a few drinks, some dinner, and then some most expected cheeky dessert. Dinner dates normally last around 4hrs from start to finish. This allows ample time for a start, dinner, dessert, and possibly a few drinks back at where ever you are staying. It should be said that not all dinner dates include some playtime. Sometimes these dates just include a dinner.

The 3rd person in your relationship

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Most escorts will tell you that they got this surprise when joining up to become an escort. A couple of bookings are very popular in Australia and we are not fully sure why. There has been a big rise in movies, stories, and books in the past 10 years that seem to glamourize the whole threesome scene and this may be putting many seeds in the minds of cheeky couples who want to experience something more than each other in the bedroom. A couple of bookings last from one to two hours normally and this will involve a few drinks at the start so the fun can begin.

Social dates

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Social dates are dates where you are seeking the platonic company of a plus one without any of the added things that you might see an escort for. People might be surprised but these types of dates are very popular and growing by over 300% in popularity each year.

People are more connected than ever in 2024 but it seems they are more disconnected which is rather sad. This means they are reaching out to escorts for the company that they can not be getting in their normal day-to-day lives. While this is sad yes, its two people connecting in a fair and open way so what is the harm in that we say

Travel partners

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We have all wanted to go away on an amazing holiday but our friends were too busy working, our workmates couldn’t take time away from the job and of course, we are single so there was no boyfriend or girlfriend to whisk away on an amazing holiday of a lifetime.

Once again the adult industry comes to the rescue and our lovely ladies have something to offer. Escorts can go on that holiday of a lifetime with you when you require that plus one.

Holidays can last days or weeks even if you choose a website like Skissr.


As you can see there is no shortage of trips or bookings that one can ask about when they are calling an escort service. This could be the reason why there have been more and more escorts joining the ranks to get involved in the industry. Go on holidays, have dinner dates, threesomes, drinks at the bar, or even just friendly walks around the city or trips to the cinema. This job sounds like a dream which is why it is so popular all over the world.

When you are reaching out to an escort you will be able to see the services she offers and check if she is the one who is suited to what you are looking for. Pick an escort who offers the service you want and this will ensure that you find the best lady suited to your needs.