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Casino players are always asking for more feature rich games within the crypto gambling sector to keep them enthusiastic and happy. Nanogames is one such cryptocurrency gaming site that, as part of their strategy, offers a unique chance for all users to win huge Jackpots for Free every single day.

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When you are a serious gambler, play for fun or are just seeking for a casino that accepts Nano, Nanogames is a great casino with fantastic prizes. This casino, provides the chance to spin a wheel for free and win some pretty amazing prizes, including a 10 Ethereum Jackpot. The crash game, Black Jack, Roulette, and dice are all available at this casino. You can deposit and pay instantly, and you can also withdraw in a matter of seconds.

How to Claim the Nanogames referral code?

To claim use the referral code follow the simple steps below:

• Copy Nanogames referral code: freespin123
• Go to the Nanogames Sign up page
• Go Sign up button
• Open up the arrow that says Referral/Promo Code
• Paste the code into this new section
• Complete the registration details and click sign up!

Now you can get the lucky spin with the chance to win 10 Ethereum every single day!

The Registration Procedure

The signup process at Nanogames casino is one of the quickest in the business. In fact, it will only take 30 seconds to enter the world of casino amusement and gain access to exclusive bonuses and promotional offers.

Simply enter your e-mail address and password into the provided web form to begin the fun, don’t forget to use the Nanogames referral code: freespin123 before you finish the form. The only thing left to do now is choose the currency you’ll use for deposits and withdrawals after you’ve confirmed your e-mail.

Nanogames Aim


Nanogames is a 2019-registered provably fair and impartial prediction and guessing tool.

They want to remove all unfair aspects so that gamers can enjoy the thrill of their games while utilising cryptocurrency The website wants to offer one of the best social gambling platforms in the business, with the emphasis on having fun.

The site allows for quick deposits and withdrawals, with live support available to assist players in getting started in seconds. Multiplayer games, chat rooms, rain, and bonuses are also available. Players from the United States, China, the Netherlands, France, Curacao, and the Dutch Caribbean Islands are not permitted to use the Curacao Platform. However, players can connect to the site using a VPN, at their own risk though.

What games are on offer?

Blackjack, Crash, HashDice, Hi-Lo, Tower and more are among the games available on Crash is one of the most popular games where a player has six seconds to deposit a wager before the game begins. The multiplier increases in value as the game progresses, starting at 1X. At any stage during the game, the player can select Cash Out to lock in the current multiplier, and the payment will be the player’s bets multiplied by the current multiplier. This can potentially go to over 1000x a players bet, offering huge potential wins. Players can also create or use their own script to calculate probabilities, median, longest streaks, and other statistics which might be handy if a player is betting with a certain strategy.

Withdrawals and Deposits


Nanogames accepts Nano, Doge, LiteCoin, BNB, Bitcoin, Ethereum and others as payment methods. Visitors must go to My Wallet, click on the deposit page, copy the address, or scan the QR code to deposit. Withdrawals are handled in the same way. Once on the withdrawal page, players can select a precise amount to withdraw, keeping in mind the associated fees. Because each currency has a distinct value, the withdrawal limit varies.

Transactions usually take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

How to Make a Withdrawal:

Open the withdraw page, input the address of the wallet you want to withdraw from and the quantity of cryptocurrency you want to withdraw (pay attention to the fee). The cryptocurrency will be transferred to your wallet after you click the confirm button (pay attention to the corresponding cryptocurrency). Make sure you also pick the correct, network/chain as with all cryptocurrency transactions, if you send it to the wrong address or chain it can be potentially lost.

Can I swap crypto currency at Nanogames?


Nanogames also allows players to’swap’ crypto for another type. For example, if a player has $10 or more of one currency they could swap it instantly for another (minus a 2% fee).

Player Support

Support and security are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via chat, on their Discord server, or through a support ticket. The site is built on the Ethereum smart contract, which ensures open, fair, and secure gambling.

Is Nanogames legit?


Nanogames is a completely legitimate casino and a very dependable company. The casino has been painstakingly tested, and delivers players with a 100% provably fair gaming experience. Nanogames is completely decentralized, and offers a smart contract-based casino platform that is safe from third-party or a centralised authority manipulation.

Does Nanogames have a referral or affiliate program?

Yes, there is a programme for affiliates! You can earn rewards by referring your friends and family, and will earn extra crypto when they play too. The rewards are paid out within 24 hour hours, so a very speedy system.

To Conclude

With Nanogames offering fantastic payment options, a huge choice of games, great player security, and a fantastic welcome bonus, every player will find something to suit them at Nanogames. Remember to claim your luck free spin and use Nanogames referral code: freespin123 when you are signing up.

You must be at least 18 years old or have reached your jurisdiction’s age of majority. The laws that apply to you must allow you to play online games. Please read Nanogames full terms and conditions for more information.