How Many Registered Lottery Vendors Are There in Thailand


The lottery is still one of the most popular games that people in Thailand enjoy playing.

Although the odds are seriously low, the chance to win such a tempting amount is what attracts the players the most. For that reason, purchasing a cheap ticket and testing your luck is a scenario where you have nothing to lose.

However, the prices of the lotto tickets inside Thailand are constantly rising. Since the demand for tickets is constantly rising, people cannot find them for the real price, but they purchase in resale. With large vendors taking most of the tickets, the smaller ones are obliged to sell for an increased sum.

In this article, we’ll talk about the number of registered lottery vendors in Thailand, and how important they are for the prices of the tickets. In addition, you will learn what alternatives lotto enjoyers consider, and why is that so popular.

How many lottery vendors there are

Source: piqsels.cojm

Currently, there are more than 130,000 small vendors across Thailand, and there are also a smaller number of large distributors. However, this number is not enough when you consider the demand.

For that reason, there are more than a hundred thousand unregistered vendors who help in distribution, but they sell the tickets for a higher cost which ultimately ruins the game for many people who cannot afford the increase.

There are two draws in the month, there are exactly a hundred million tickets per draw.

From them, thirty-three million are transported to the large distributors, and the remaining part of sixty-seven million tickets are transported to the smaller vendors. The unregistered are purchasing from them, and they cannot sell the tickets at the same price.

What are the alternatives


Even though the game is still one of the most popular options, the constant increase in prices makes the game unattainable for many people. For that reason, many people are considering alternative online lottery options.

With lots of sites that are offering online lotteries, everyone can participate for the same price, and can still win major prizes. This makes the game fairer and gives you the same chances of coming up with a prize that will ultimately change your life. So, if you are Thailander who enjoys the lotto, สมัครหวยออนไลน์.

Benefits of using an online lotto platform


By selecting a reliable and reputable lottery platform, you are sure that the game is fair, and you will be able to withdraw all your prizes. In addition, most established lottery platforms are offering bonuses and prizes that help in coming up with better jackpots.

In addition, you can play from the comfort of your home. Just open up the app, insert credits and you can quickly fill the ticket. That way, you will not have to go outside and look for a vendor, especially when regular tickets are hard to be found.

Lastly, your ticket is matched with your information which makes it hard for fraudsters to claim your wins. With increased safety, you will enjoy all the thrilling sensations and anticipation the lottery has to offer.