How Many Dry Fruits Should You Eat a Day – 2024 Guide


If you researched the topic before opening this article, you’ve most likely learned that most dietitians recommend consuming parched fruit, nuts, and seeds every day. However, these types of products can contribute to you gaining weight, mostly because they’re full of carbs and fats, which is why you might be wondering how much of them you should ingest daily.

To help you determine how much you should consume per day, you can follow our 2024 guide below:

1. How Much Can I Consume Daily?


Ingesting or implementing dry fruit into the meals you prepare – such as cakes and food – is, perhaps, the best method for you to ingest beneficial vitamins and nutrients. When it comes to the amount you should consume, the perfect serving for parched fruit is about thirty grams, which is an amount that you can fit into your open hand. The amount you choose to eat every day shouldn’t contain one sort of parched fruit, instead, opt for several of them.

You must be extra careful when ingesting dry fruit that has high sugar levels, mostly because it could cause you to gain weight and if you’re a diabetic, it could increase the sugar levels in your blood. Also, salty seeds can cause blood pressure issues and constipation, thus, you must be careful when consuming such dry fruit. For instance, almonds should be eaten in moderate amounts 3 to 7 pieces per day so that you could gain the health benefits it offers, however, eating more could cause weight gain.

2. Are Sweet Options Harmful?


Different fruits séchés – which is French for parched fruit – that are sweet aren’t harmful if you consume a moderate amount. For example, dates could be incredibly beneficial for your immune system, however, since they are full of sugar, potassium, and iron, consuming too much could cause problems, which is why you must only have one or two dates per day. On the other hand, you can, for example, consume ten to fifteen raisins per day since they contain less sugar, iron, and other substances that could harm your health.

If you’re looking for ways to lose weight, raisins could help you control your cravings, as well as hunger, thus, you can eat them more. You might not realize this, but you can also consume dehydrated coconut, which is commonly added to desserts. Now, it does have higher fat levels than fresh fruit, which is why you have to consume one piece per day.

Basically, it’s crucial that you balance out how much of it you eat.



Dry fruit could easily provide you with a wide array of health perks and if you’re looking for ways that’ll help you lose weight, ingesting such products could help you control the cravings you have. But as mentioned, it’s crucial that you don’t go overboard with consuming specific products, mostly because it could lead to some health issues.

Since you’re now well aware of how much dry fruit you should consume per day, you shouldn’t lose any more time. Instead, start browsing different websites so that you can learn which products you should consume, as well as how much of them you should consume every day.