Can You Get a Complete Workout With a 50lb Dumbbell?


Working out is a great way to stay in shape and keep your health in check. But for most people harsh workout regimens and frequent visits to the gym are not an option. This is fine. Also, most people don’t like to use too much equipment. The good news is that you can complete many workouts with only one piece of equipment. This brings us to our subject for today. Many of you have been asking us can you get a complete workout with a 50lb dumbbell? This is a good question.

Dumbbells are one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the world. You can’t imagine any gym without them. So, it’s no wonder many people base their workout routines on dumbbells. They’re very versatile and can be used to train any part of your body you’d like. It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting hands, arms, legs, back, shoulders, or any other muscle. Dumbbells can do the trick. But, here we are not talking about the separate parts of our bodies. No, the subject is a full-body workout with a specified weight of a dumbbell.

Can It Be Done?


The simple answer is yes. It depends on many factors but yes, it can be done. Having a complete workout with a dumbbell that weighs 50lb is possible. But, it also depends on what your goal is. What type of physique are you seeking? How big do you want to get? Let’s get one thing straight. 50lb is not a small weight. When you’re using it on your hands it is quite great, and it can get you far. When you move to your legs, it has its limitations. So, you need to be careful about what parts of the body you target and how often. First of all, if you’re seeking a full-body workout with a dumbbell of this size, you need to be ensured of its quality. This can only be done by using quality products, so make sure that your 50lb dumbbell is a good one. Once you know you can trust your equipment it’s time to start working out. The best way to get a complete workout with this dumbbell is to know what exercises should you do.

What Are The Right Exercises

So, we got the basic question answered, but there’s more to it. If you want to see proper results you need to learn what to do, how to do it, and how often. Just trusting that everything will work out perfectly by only owning a piece of equipment is thinking about your situation wrong. It is always vital to know what exercises to do, and how many reps to maximize your results. This is especially important when it gets to the full-body workouts. So, what are some of the best exercises you should focus on? Check them out below.

Bench Press


The mother of them all. If you want to strengthen your pectoral area this is the road to partake. If you have a bench press, with a good pair of dumbbells you’ll be able to handle a lot in the upper part of your body. We’re especially talking about the area around the shoulders, biceps, and triceps. When you’re starting a full-body exercise with dumbbells it is completely fine to get the upper body parts of your body first, but don’t you ever stop at that.

Goblet Squat


As we said you must never remain focused only on your upper body. This is why the next exercise for the complete workout is going to be focused on the lower parts of your body. Above all else, you’ll be targeting calves, glutes, and quads. But it doesn’t stop there. This is the best part about the complete dumbbell workouts. You cover so much ground on your body. In addition to what we mentioned above, you’ll also hit your abs and arms. We’re not even going to mention that your grip strength is going to skyrocket. The best part is that it is one of the most straightforward workouts out there. All that it needs to be done is to have a dumbbell held in the height of your chest with two hands by its upper end, put your feet at your shoulder width, and start squatting.

Dumbbell Clean


Your muscles are going to be loving this one. You? Not so much. It covers it all. This is why that burning sensation is going to run through your entire body. It will cover every inch of your body with the primary focus being on the biceps, glutes, quads, and calves. It is done from a standing position, with your arms being in the air with the dumbbells with a slight jump motion upwards. Once you start from that position you lower your hands to the hips height before you take a squat with your hands with dumbbells moving down to the ground. Rinse and repeat. While at the beginning this one might seem hard, in the long run, you’re going to love it. Your body will be thanking you too.

Forward Lunge With Triceps Extension


Let’s get another hard one on this list. This one will not only test your muscles but it will also do wonders for your balance and coordination. The effect it’s going to have on your glutes and triceps can’t also be underestimated. Core stability is vital for any person, and if you have an exercise that can give you this and more, you need to perform it. Dumbbells are amazing training equipment and none other is as versatile. This one, in particular, is going to eat so many calories that you’ll be happy you’ve read this article. You begin with a dumbbell in each hand and a standing position. The exercise starts when you move your hands upward, and behind your back with your hands being in a ninety-degree position. After that, you take one step forward aiming on having your legs at the same angle. Once this motion is over you need to straighten your hands over your head. Go backward and do the same only with the other leg.