Why Choose Pangeanic for All Your NLP Needs

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NLP or “Natural Language Processing” is a field blending linguistics with artificial intelligence in order to ease the workload on language-related tasks. The origins of this technology date back to the 1950s, when British mathematician, computer scientist, cryptanalyst and philosopher Alan Turing published a landmark study proposing the theory of the imitation game, now known as the “Turing test”, which sought to measure if a machine can exhibit intelligent behavior identical to that of a human being. Technology has come a long way since those days, and nowadays, NLP is used to help many individuals and companies across the globe.

Learn how it works

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NLP works by using algorithms to process language, analyzing and standardizing the relevant information from a large bulk of the text. In this way, this technology helps businesses work more efficiently.

There are many ways in which NLP can be used, from optical character recognition to lemmatization, morphological segmentation, data management and translation. Pangeanic is a leading provider of NLP services, with experience spanning multilingual publishing, content management and translation services, among others. The company uses automation processes to provide clients with clear and concise translations. They ensure your translations are not only highly qualitative from a grammatical and syntactical point of view but also in their internationalization and globalization.

The name “Pangeanic” derives from the supercontinent known as “Pangea”, which existed from the late Paleozoic to early Mesozoic and began rifting apart 200 million to create the world we know today. This symbolically shows Pangeanic’s commitment to bringing the world together and making boundaries less visible.

The technology used

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The translation technology used at Pangeanic can manage thousands of matches in a matter of seconds. This means that subsequent corrections by human translators won’t have to go so in-depth with revisions, as the NLP technology uses similar sentences from previous translations. There are many types to choose from, so it’s best to research to see which one fits your company best.

For example, Translation Memory Technology is the one to select if you’re looking for a cost-effective option since, as the buyer, you don’t have to pay for repetitions. If the sentences happen to come out too similar, you can get a discount. If you’re seeking a first-class translation, choose the Machine Translation. Pangeanic is a leader in the market in this area, the first company in the world to make commercial use of a statistical machine translation system. Their translations are chosen by top government agencies in the United States and European Union and for prominent publications.

The services offered

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Pangeanic is a leading language technology company with a world-class reputation for excellence in the translation sector. The company is fully committed to offering the best-specialized translations in any field, using the latest technology and a team of dedicated and highly-qualified professionals. On top of translations, Pangeanic also provides transcription services. Whether it concerns audiovisual material, recorded legal proceedings or market research, Pangeanic has got you covered. Or perhaps Multilingual Desktop Publishing may be something your company needs more. The process is notoriously difficult to manage. If you use NLP, you save both time and money without compromising on the quality.

Industries that benefit

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NLP can be successfully used in virtually any work field. You can use it for surveys, in targeted advertising or social media monitoring. The automotive industry uses Pangeanic’s services in user’s manual translations for anything from motorbikes to heavy-duty trucks, as well as glossaries and press communications. If you work in the business and finances sector, Pangeanic can help you reliably translate content so that you can achieve a more significant number of customers and boost your company’s presence on social media platforms.

Legal translation can prove tricky due to the specific terminology used, but it’s nothing NLP can’t figure out. Pangeanic helps maintain your legal documents or any other language-related to law proceedings by ensuring credibility and maintaining clarity. And suppose you’re searching for a no-risk medical translation. In that case, you should know that these NLP services are certified under the Translation Standard requirements, which means that the organization has proved their aptitude in providing medicine-related services which consistently meet the necessary requirements. Documentation of medical devices, as well as translations of clinical trials, are also services Pangeanic offers.

The languages used

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Pangeanic provides translations in many languages. For a long time, and even in the present, language has often acted as a barrier hindering connection between people. The diversity of languages, their intricacies, and specific aspects meant that there was always a cause for misunderstanding between people belonging to different language spaces for a long time. Complications further arise when language is blended with culture, which is usually the case. The connection between the two must be considered at all times to ensure optimal communication and the avoidance of accidental offenses. Pangeanic provides translations in many languages, with each sharing certain fields of work but also having their own particular ones.

For instance, Arabic translations are used in pharmaceutics, tech and the law. Chinese translations are employed in the services of businesses ranging from small and independent to large conglomerates, particularly in the fields of marketing and finances, but also in the medical area. German translations are used mainly on websites and come with additional reviews and proofreading. The Japanese translations are so dependable so as to be some of the leading ones in the world, and apart from the medical and financial world, they are also used for tech and subtitles.

Using AI-powered technology to help your work can only be to your advantage. You can save time and money owing to this automatization process. NLP solves issues such as language ambiguity and adds a numeric structure to the documents, such as speech recognition or text analytics, which come in handy later. And if you want to make sure you get the best of what this technology has to offer, choose Pangeanic, a leading NLP provider on the market. Both you and your business will fare better because of it.