How Much Money Can You Make as an Affiliate Marketer?


Affiliate marketing has grown in popularity in recent years. Most people understand it in a variety of ways, but an affiliate marketer is someone who earns a fee by recommending other people to products and services offered by firms other than their own.

If you see this as a referral program, you are right because an affiliate marketer is just a fancy name for referrals. When it comes to this there are numerous ways you as an affiliate marketer can earn your money. The most usual ways are through a special link that ties a product or a service you are putting out to your audience or if you can get them a discount on something by them using a special code that is related to you.

Affiliate marketers are everywhere and you see these sorts of marketing efforts on YouTube, personal blogs, sites and even food and tech channels. It is a very lucrative way of life which is why it is so popular. If you want to find out more about affiliate jobs and the meaning of affiliate you can easily check out Algo affiliates and find everything you need to know.


When it comes to affiliate marketers and how much they earn, it is a bit complicated to explain, or not so much.

Whenever you are trying to explain or define how much someone makes from some sort of business, you need to understand whether they are doing that business or a job professionally or as a hobby. Why is this so important? Well, the fact is that if you are doing this, or any other job in a form of a hobby, your potential is very limited.

A hobby is specific because you are doing something you like without any monetary compensation or very little of it. Hobbies are something you do on a side and if there is money involved it is to cover some basic expenses. Most people doing anything out of a hobby mainly throw money at it without getting anything in return. We understand that we deviated out of the main topic but it was necessary to explain for you to understand. These things are never black or white and there is never a straightforward answer so we need to do it this way.


Yes, six figures may be yours if you practice affiliate marketing properly, which means you commit all of your expertise and time to it and nothing else. Yes, a seven-figure salary is possible, but there’s more to it than that.

So, if you’re going all-in on this, you should be aware that there are three levels of affiliate marketers: beginners, intermediates, and experts.

Expert is the first topic we’ll cover, primarily because of time constraints. All of us want to work as less as possible to earn as much as possible. This is the natural order and this is the dream of every human being out there. By working less and earning more you have more free time to do something else and contribute elsewhere.

When it comes to experts all of you want to know how hard an expert affiliate marketer works?! Well, the truth is that these guys do not work very long. Hard work is there but it doesn’t take more than 4-10 hours a week which is more than incredible. This is the working timeframe that all of us want and most of us strive toward. This is doable and realistic but the road to expert level isn’t that easy. Earning six figures and more per year with only 6 or 7 hours per week is incredible and it is something of a utopia for me, you and everyone else out there.


Intermediate affiliate marketers have a bit more work cut out for them, but it isn’t that much. The intermediate level is expected to do 10 to 20 hours per week to hit that desirable six-figure sum at the end of the year. There is a lot of harder work here but it is nothing compared to what beginners go through.

Beginners are competing in the most difficult sport available. If you’re just getting started as an affiliate marketer, you should plan on working a least of 20 hours per week and a maximum of 30-40 hours per week. This is essentially your work, and you must commit all you have, not just money, but also time and knowledge. When we are on the topic of time, you must stick in this for as long as possible, because it only gets easier later on, as you progress. Most of you in this stage will already have a job and will have to deal with this, but if you are truly invested then you can pull it. You also need to focus on learning a lot.

Learning and implementing in this line of work is important and you all need to memorize this – LEARN AND IMPLEMENT!

Predicting earnings based on this knowledge is simple now that you know what’s coming up, but it’s still a hazy area. Why? Well, if you invest some time and money, if you have the means, you will find that getting started and progressing to the expert level will be much easier. You are a natural winner and can expand any business if you can put $1 in an ad and receive $2 in return.


Hard work and knowing how to implement what you already know or have learned along the way is your ticket to success. As we already mentioned six and even seven figures per year are very possible and likely if you put in the time and effort. This is not something you can shorten the way to, no detours, no cheats and hacks just learning, working and knowing what and when to do.

The last thing we will tell you once again, but only because it is so important – LEARN AND IMPLEMENT always and don’t stay stuck in that research phase for too long. Once you get the grasp of the basics start implementing them and see how fast you can rack up that cash.