Top 10 Ways to Win Big Playing Slots


Slot machines are a popular pastime for people all over the world, but few of us actually consider them to be a form of entertainment with the potential to make money. Slots are one of those games that most people will play, but very many will lose money on – this is simply because they don’t know how to play the game well enough. Fortunately, if you do have any tips about playing slots then there are lots of opportunities out there where your slot skills can really pay off!

The following list describes the top 10 best ways that you can win big by playing Joo Casino Slots:

10) Avoid Fast Machines


You may think it’s better to play faster machines, as they provide you with more chances to win. However, the fact is that you actually want the opposite of this – machines with a slow rate of play and big wins are where you’ll get the most value for money.

9) Use a Strategy

Just because slots do not require any sort of skill doesn’t mean that they don’t follow rules and patterns themselves. Any experienced players will tell you that there are ways of playing each machine so as to maximize your chance of winning – such as playing certain types of games (3-reel or 5-reel etc), or certain bet sizes (low/mid/high). Try some out and see if they work for you!

8) Multi-Line Machines


If your goal is to play slots in order to win as much money as possible, then multi-line games are always going to be more profitable for you than single-line ones. If you can’t find a multi-line machine anywhere, then simply play one of the reels on a single line game and hold any other reels that don’t show matching symbols so they spin again (but without paying out). This is known as ‘freezing a reel’ and will save you from losing your bet.

7) Free Spins

While these can be won by luck too, experienced players know that there’s strategy involved with winning free spins, because the way payouts work on these machines is not quite normal. For example, two scatters might together give you 100 free spins with x3 payout, but this could also be translated as 30 free spins at x10, followed by 70 more at the usual rate.

6) Learn to Shortlist


If you have a favorite slot machine that you always play then it’s worth spending time to learn everything about that machine so you know how often it pays out, what are its best features etc. This way whenever you find yourself playing other slots in the same venue, or even online on another website, then you can quickly spot potentially similar machines and head straight for them. As an added bonus, knowing your own slot inside out means that if there is ever something wrong with it (a broken reel say) then you’ll probably notice before anyone else!

5) Learn Fixed-Odds Calculators

Some slot machines have a fixed number of symbols in play, but this always varies from machine to machine. There are also many reels in use simultaneously, which means that the odds of getting certain symbols on one reel don’t necessarily apply to another. When you’re playing slots for money then it’s vital that you know exactly what your chance is of hitting a jackpot – and how long it will take. For example, if 3 cherries only pay x10 on a particular machine, while 4 pay x20,000, then there is a big difference between these two amounts over time!

4) Keep Playing Determinedly


Perhaps counterintuitively to some people, your best tactic when playing slots is not to stop playing when you lose a certain amount of money. The trick here is that if you have a good run then the more determinedly you play, the better your chance is of making it pay off – so keep playing after a loss, and never quit on a bad run.

3) Learn Basic Strategy

There are many different ways in which slots can be played strategically based on calculations from device frequencies and known probabilities etc, but one of the simplest ones to understand is basic strategy. This tells you how often you should hit/hold depending on what sort of payout a machine offers. For instance, if a machine pays out x10 for 2 cherries then hitting these will give an average return over time that’s slightly less than x10. However, if the payout is x500 for 5 bells then hitting these represents an average loss – so basic strategy tells you to hold on to this one!

2) Practice With Free Slots


There are lots of free slot machine simulators online which can help you practice your skills without spending any money – that’s right, win with no risk involved whatsoever. This can be a great way to hone your strategic skills before heading out to play slots for real cash.

Alternatively, some casinos offer ‘free play’ modes where no money needs staking but you still have access to all features and payouts, etc, so this is another very useful way of practicing without risking anything.

1) Play at reputable casinos

The last piece of advice when it comes to playing slots is probably the most obvious – always play at reputable online casinos which have been around for a long time and are known for fair gaming. In fact, if you ever find that a casino doesn’t have any testimonials from its former customers then straight away that should ring alarm bells because no one can be successful without happy customers!