5 Useful Tips for Meditation

Due to the rush, overcrowded lifestyle, and the virus epidemic, we sometimes find that we are tense and nervous about a lot to do. And when that becomes too much, it is essential that we rest for a moment.

It is important to find time to meditate even on crowded weekdays. The right balance must be struck. Check this article for more tips on meditation.

What is meditation?

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During meditation, we feel and understand the events around us more intensely.

Meditation is not just about relaxation, total peace, and forgetting worries. When we meditate, we consciously focus on our emotions, our thoughts. This is when we see everything more clearly, we can more easily analyze and evaluate every detail of our lives.

Problem solving can also be found more easily during meditation.

What do you need for meditation?

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There are several things you can do while meditating. We can listen to pleasant, calm rhythm, soft music, we can smell with candles or incense if we need complete silence, we can exclude disturbing external noises from the room with sound-absorbing carpets and acoustic curtains, so that we can concentrate completely on ourselves. To create silence, I recommend Dutch acoustic products: https://perfectacoustic.nl/productcategorie/akoestische-gordijnen/

The most ideal for meditation is a quiet, calm, secluded room where you can practice your meditation in complete peace. Of course, we don’t always have the opportunity to do this, but we can meditate almost anywhere.

5 moments to meditate

If we rest for a few minutes, close our eyes, pay attention to our breathing in a calm place, it is already considered meditation. You can even plan your meditation periods in advance to make them part of your daily routine. Unfortunately, stress and nervousness have become a part of our lives, we cannot eliminate them. However, if we meditate for a few minutes every day, we will soon experience positive changes. If possible, create a quiet, secluded room where you can relax in peace and quiet.

1. Meditate while you wait, or take a bath

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A helpful but simple tip: leave home earlier to have a few more minutes to meditate. We can do this in the car, even at the bus stop.

In this case, nail our gaze about 1.5 meters in front of us and concentrate on our breathing. Let us not allow other people around us to disrupt the practice, let us not be distracted. You can also listen to ear-guided meditation.

We also find 5-10 minute meditation materials that are suitable for this purpose. But if someone is disturbed by astonished eyes, a sunglasses can help with that.

Taking a nice, warm bath in the tub is also a great time to meditate. Let’s close the bathroom door, make it dim, (we can even light candles), listen to soft music, close our eyes, and focus on ourselves and our inner selves. Various bath oils and bath salts help to relax.

Meditation materials and music are also useful before going to bed at night. A serious problem these days is sleep disorders. The main reasons for this are stress and constant anxiety that makes us unable to calm down and fall asleep. Lack of sleep is a very serious health risk, so relaxing, deep sleep is very important.

Meditation exercises help in this as well. Create peace and quiet in the bedroom. Place sound-absorbing acoustic panels on the walls and sound-insulating curtains on the glass surfaces. Acoustic mats absorb a lot of noise.

2. While walking or during exercise, or sport

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When we take the kids to school, take time to walk around for a while. 10-15 minutes of meditation while walking helps a lot.

But if you are too worried about something and can’t relax enough, listen to meditation and relaxation exercises through earphones.

We will be much calmer, more peaceful after that, our thoughts will calm down.

You can also meditate while playing sports or exercising. For example, you can listen to meditation music while running. In addition to eating our bodies, our brains also clear up and we can organize our thoughts.

Yoga is specifically a sport in which one of the most important parts is meditation and inner attention.

3. Take a break from work

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According to surveys, it is worth taking a 20-25 minute break while working to work more productively.

During such breaks, we can relax with meditation practices.

Close your eyes and watch your breathing. This is when creative ideas are often born and we can find a solution to a specific problem.

4. In the car

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If we sit in the car a lot (for example, when going on a longer trip or vacation) as a passenger, take the time to meditate. You can even find meditation materials on Spotify.

We can also meditate on hikes, so we can be more energetic and in a better mood.

When we are in a traffic jam on the highway, listen to meditation, relaxation music instead of nervousness. This not only calms our nerves, but the waiting time in the traffic jam becomes useful. We can rethink our tasks, find solutions to their problems, and clarify our feelings.

5. Together with the children

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As a parent, we can also meditate with our children. One of the most fun ways to raise awareness is to eat with kids. We can teach you to eat consciously, how to pay attention to healthy eating, and how important it is to eat calmly, without rushing.

There are more than just meditation and relaxation books for adults. Storybooks are also made for younger children to introduce children to the basics of meditation.

Calm, relaxing sleep and rest are essential from an early age, so provide a peaceful, harmonious environment for our children in our homes. In the children’s room, take care of the insulation of the windows and floors. To do this, place acoustic curtains and carpets in their room.

For our mental and physical balance and health, it is very helpful to learn to meditate and incorporate some quick and easy exercises into our daily lives.