How to tell when a Slot Machine is going to hit a Jackpot


Many people who gamble want to know if they can predict the outcome of an event. Slots are often the least predictable because they are based on a random number generator, which makes it very difficult to find a pattern in what is displayed on the screen.

But what is certain is that there are hot and cold minutes. In fact, it’s the principle of random distribution of events. Sometimes it seems to you that for a long time there is no goal, and then there are moments in which big gains occur. But this is not a consequence of predictability.

It would be predictable if every 10 spins a big win or a similar pattern of events occurs. However, from the very beginning, we must emphasize that even if you want to, even if you find a pattern of events so far, from the next minute it is invalid.

What is a hot or cold run in slot machines?


We mentioned this event, but it deserves a specific explanation. The machine is probably programmed with some frequency to provide high prizes. Let’s say it’s 25%, which means that in 100 spins, four are about to get a better award, and maybe one to hit the jackpot. But, it may happen that 70 spins are already spent, and in the next 30, you get 2 or 3 prizes.

The thing is that these events are not predictable, and due to these phenomena, the machine can’t be rigged in advance.

Can we tell when an online slot will hit higher?


The online versions of our favorite gambling games, like slotepic, work the same way as their real-life equivalents. All the rules are the same. We can even say that these online slots are less likely to be programmed in some way, so the events that happen are totally random.

For many, online slots are even a safer way to enjoy their favorite casino activity. There are literally no signs that can let you think the next hit is the winning hit. But, if you are into math, you can try to calculate some of it on your own. But, remember our previous paragraph and the rules of probability before you do that.

Different methods and your intuition


Some people track what’s happening above and below the winning line of the slot. So, they try to estimate what will appear next on the display. In some cases, this strategy works, but we can’t even say that’s a rule of the slot’s behavior in general. Keep in mind that there are millions of machines, and if they are rigged in some way, the casino will have to spend all their money and shut their platform down.

Some people also, hold to their intuition, which also has positive and negative sides. Our gut rarely lies to us. But, sometimes it does. It’s not a skill – it’s just a feeling, and sometimes it can be a result of many other events around you, besides the slots.

So, let’s conclude it in one sentence: No one can ever tell if a slot machine is going to hit a jackpot.