4 Ways to Know if an Online Slot Machine Is About to Hit a Jackpot

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One of the most commonly asked questions, especially to the casino workers is, do they know which slot machine is loose enough, or rigged, to hit jackpots often. But, everyone will assure you that there is no way to know that, because the machines decide that, based on the random number generation.

If a machine is broken and needs immediate intervention, all the payouts will be canceled, due to failures, and the players will get their money back for sure.

But, sometimes people can be really stubborn and they will insist that the employees at the casino know that information.

In this article, we will try to see if it’s possible, especially during times of huge growth of online casinos.

Are online slots the same as real slots?

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They operate on the same principle known as the random number generator, which cannot be manipulated by casino owners.

If you look at yeti casino za you will recognize some known patterns and designs, which means the biggest difference is the device you use at this point. This should be sufficient proof that all things work out in the same way and that you can’t expect anyone to tell you or recognize when the main prize will be awarded.

What do the terms hot and cold machine mean?

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These are terms invented by players so that they can explain certain phenomena in the casino.

If you ever notice a winning sequence or a losing sequence, the first suspicion is that someone has played with the machine, and the second is that the slots themselves recognize a certain pattern.

Both assumptions would be correct, to live in a time a few decades ago. But since those things have been detected and sanctioned, hardly anyone is trying to manipulate the machines.

But then why do they enter hot or cold cycles? Let’s explain this with a practical example. If the casino claims, for example, that four out of 20 moves are winning, the probability rules will determine how they will be deployed.

It can happen that all the winning combinations happen one after the other and the next 16 are unlucky. Another option is to have a series of several unlucky spins, then to have a profit and so on several more times. However, it can easily happen that in a series of 20 turns, no prize is won, and already in the next series there are seven, and in the next five.

These are in any case 12 wins in three sets of 20 moves, but they are not evenly distributed – although mathematically it means 12 wins of 60, i.e. four in each series of 20.

We hope this example has helped you understand why there are cold sequences in slot machines and why they sometimes seem hot.

Is there any way to predict when the jackpot will be won?

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To our and your great disappointment, this time there will be no list of useful tips at all because the number of tricks and tips is equal to 0 (zero).

You probably did not expect such an outcome of events, but in modern times, especially in online casinos, the possibility of recognizing such a thing literally does not exist.

But do not worry, we have some useful tips on how to behave when gambling:

1. If the jackpot has just happened, the casino is already paying a large amount of money, which means that in the foreseeable future there will be no such big winnings again.
2. Slot machines have their own cycles, but they are so large that they are difficult to predict in the near future.
3. There are games that are not popular and that do not offer winning combinations. It is good to avoid such.
4. A long cold period does not mean that the jackpot is coming soon. You are more likely to fall into the trap of losing a lot of money.

However, as you can see, none of these tips guarantee that you can learn anything about slot machines and predict the outcome.

Many gamblers have their own strategies and they often observe what happens, but also follow when the jackpot amount matches the winning funds – then, at that point, it is likely to happen. But even this is not entirely practical, as a casino can have thousands of active players when that happens and it is not possible to predict who will win the prize.

Misconceptions and harmful practices

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People, naturally, want to believe that they can predict events like this, especially if they think they woke up lucky in the morning if they believe in some intuition, or if they are confident in their performance.

Many times that euphoria leads them to make hasty moves and spend their money when there is really no need for it.

Also, gambling addiction is a real problem, which can be deepened with online variants.

The only salvation from such loopholes is the awareness of personal responsibility that a gambler should have.

There are many sad examples of people believing in false claims and trying to predict when slot machines will “give” the jackpot. It all ended in huge losses because it is rare for those who are lucky enough to hit the right moment.


Experienced gamblers have encountered such challenges many times in their lives. There are also people who ask you to pay them to reveal their secrets to successful gambling.

However, our advice is to learn things yourself theoretically, to practice the games, to set your budget, and sometimes to take into account the myths and misconceptions. With the right amount of skepticism and clever planning of money and moves, it can happen that you are the one who wins.

But magic tricks to predict when the grand prize will fall do not exist and you must accept it as a fact.

And for everything else, you have a huge selection of games and many options to plan how things will go.