5 Signs You Need to Hire a Tax Attorney

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Several types of experts work in the taxation and financial industries to assist individuals in guiding government taxation. Some people require the assistance of a tax specialist or an accountant for filing their taxes. Meanwhile, a few others might do their taxes totally by themselves.

People with many homes, complicated financial situations, or who have considerable debts may require the assistance of someone with a greater understanding of local tax laws.

Hiring a tax attorney in those circumstances is generally the best approach. The lawyer makes sure that everything goes well for you throughout the filing procedure.

How To Choose The Best Tax Attorney

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Here are three elements you have to consider while selecting a tax attorney.

Legal law license:

In order to practice law, an attorney must obtain a law license. Search the website of your state’s organization to detect if a tax attorney is licensed to practice law in your area.

Level of education or specialization:

In order to obtain a law license in several states, it is vital to complete law school. A master’s degree in taxes is held by specific tax attorneys (known as LL.M). A few tax lawyers also retain CPA credentials, which indicates that they are authorized public accountants.

A preparer tax identification number (PTIN):

A preparer tax identification number (PTIN) is required from the IRS for anyone who prepares tax returns for payment. Your tax preparer has to sign the tax return and deliver you a PTIN.

Top 5 Signs Which Indicates That You Have To Hire A Tax Attorney

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1. When You Encounter Inheritance Issues

Several people wish to give their offspring or other successors a considerable amount of money or properties. It is best to hire a counsel of an estate-planning attorney if you want to incorporate this in your will. If your estate is worth less than $11 million, you probably would not require a tax attorney’s help.

However, if you want to give more than that limit to your successors, you have to seek the advice of a tax lawyer or estate attorney. The IRS criteria related to giving properties to others are continually changing. Due to that, it is best to hire a tax attorney even if the amount of money or property you wish to give to others is not much.

2. You Have Plans To Begin A Business

If starting a business is something you have always wanted to do, it is a decent idea to consult with a tax attorney beforehand. The attorney will assist you in navigating any tax-related issues that may arise further. The taxes you have to handle are primarily based on the kind of business entity you have.

LLCs, Sole proprietorships, S-Corps, and C-Corps are all examples of some business categories. When it is about filing taxes, all of them have their own set of rules. Make sure to hire a tax attorney who has experience in business taxes. The tax lawyer can assist you to build your new firm properly and grasp everything about business taxes.

3. When A Tax Dispute Arises

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It is a decent idea to hire a tax attorney if you are under a tax dispute or if you are dissatisfied with your existing tax return. An audit is the most common type of disagreement, and your attorney will be able to negotiate with the IRS from your end. You will be able to speak more confidently if you have an attorney with you during the audits.

It is the lawyer’s responsibility to be up to date on IRS regulations and to know how to communicate with an IRS official. The attorney can also assist you in mediating a settlement, which in some situations can redeem a hefty sum of money. You should never disregard IRS letters or different notices. If you do so, they may intimidate you with criminal penalties and charge you with tax evasions.

If you receive any mail related to taxes, reach out to a tax attorney quickly. If you are accused of a crime, you can hire a tax lawyer as your representative. All you have to do is be as assertive as possible and seek legal advice from your tax lawyer when you receive anything from the IRS.

4. You Might Not Be Able To Pay Your Tax Debt

It is understandable if the amount you owe the IRS appears to be an undefeatable obstacle. In situations like this, a settlement offer may be the best option. If you are unable to reimburse the entire amount in one single payment or in installments, the IRS will generally accept an offer in settlement. There may be times when you have concerns about your actual tax due. If you believe the amount you owe is false, hire a tax lawyer as your representative.

Another reason you can get a settlement offer is if reimbursing the taxes will put you in financial hardship or will be “unfair” because of your health conditions or any other issues.

Whatever the reason, an expert tax attorney notices how to handle these scenarios and assists you in accepting a lower offer.

5. When You Face An Audit

If you or your business is being audited by the IRS, you should contact a tax lawyer right away. The highly experienced tax lawyer can assist you in preparing papers and records and ensures you would not run into issues during the audit due to technical aspects or inadequate proof.

Bottom Line

When you encounter any of the above-listed situations, it is best to contact and hire the best tax attorney available in your location. Make sure not to delay the hiring of the tax attorney. It is because the tax lawyer can help you easily during the initial stage and if the situation gets worse, it might be difficult to get control of the whole scenario.