Common Misconceptions People Have About Car Chip Tuning


If you have been driving your car for a while now, it falls upon your shoulders to keep checking your performance and find ways to improve it whenever possible. Buying a new car is a big deal for many, so some people cannot afford to upgrade from one car to the next directly. For these people, this is where car chip tuning comes in. It works to improve the engine performance significantly, making you love your car a little more.

Although also designed for fuel economy, many people primarily prefer it for engine efficiency. But promoting the better performance of the engine is a significant promise to make. So it is natural people have apprehensions regarding the performance and working of the car chip tuning. This article will try to bust some of the most common misconceptions related to car chip tuning.

Car Should be Used Like it Was Made


In the original production process, you get your vehicle’s optimum performance because it is just out of the factory. But over time and with use, there is a noticeable and expected decline in engine performance. It is expected, which is why car chip tuning is prevalent. But it is a misconception because apart from performance and quality, there is an essential factor which is making a profit.

Factory production works to minimize the cost of production to make a larger profit without making much difference to the quality of the car. Chip tuning can be done in the factory process, but it will increase the costs, which is not feasible for the manufacturer because it will just increase the cost of the car. If it is a significant cost, it is also a substantial cost for the car company. Rather than basing this conception on the understanding that this probably does not work, try to understand the mindset of a business.

You Will Lose Your Warranty


This is probably the biggest misconception related to car chip tuning. Tuning your engine or any other parts will not impact your warranty in any case. If you do not believe us, call your insurance provider and ask them yourself. The biggest concern is that the tuning process goes south and damages some of the vehicle’s parts.

In such a case, the cost of repairs will fall on you. We will be honest with you if you are worried about risks; there are risks involved whenever we talk about tuning. But most often than not, there are multiple benefits that make this process worth the hassle. If you do not want to risk, you can take a step back and save up some money for a proper chiptune. Tuning from a reliable source will keep your car in safe hands and will more likely give favorable results.

Try not to fall into the trap of cheap tuning deals because they will do more harm than good down the line. Our recommendation for the right kind of tuning deal will be to resort to factory tuning if you feel unsure about the private thing process. Contacting the authorized service center is a good alternative as well.

It Will Increase Fuel Consumption


One of the things promised with car chip tuning is efficient and responsible fuel consumption. Even though some drivers have complained that there is not much to be witnessed in fuel economy, no one has compared the engine using up more fuel than necessary. It is a myth made to scare you off.

Your engine will not be susceptible to more wear and tear even though the performance will drastically improve. You were more likely to see an excellent performance by the engine in the same amount of fuel consumed, which will amount to better fuel economy. Even if there is no change in fuel consumption, you are not likely to witness frequent gas tank refills.

Go For Promotional Offers


One mistake that many make is falling for promotional marketing campaigns of various automotive repair shops. They are persuasive enough to make us want something we would rather not have. Even if you were thinking about car chip tuning, try not to fall into the trap of promotional offers and low prices. To know more about car chip tuning and what it can mean for your vehicle, click here.

We have said it before, and we will say it again: Cheaper does not mean you are getting a good deal. They might slack off on some significant details, which will make you regret sending even that relatively small amount of money. Our recommendation will be to kea level head and save up for the right mechanic to do the right job.

Do it as Often as Car Servicing


Absolutely not. Do not make the mistake of considering things every time you take your car for servicing. It is not as common as car service maintenance, and for a good reason. It is a relatively long-lasting process, so you do not need to keep tweaking your engine time and again. It is another thing altogether if you are facing difficulties with the engine.

But if your car is running smoothly, you do not need to fall back into chip tuning just because you are taking your vehicle to a scheduled maintenance appointment. Let us give you a reason why this is just a misconception and not a good idea: The more frequently you tune your engine, the more likely you are to damage other important parts of the car.

Brakes will take the brunt, so try to be prudish with tuning.

The Takeaway

We hope that we were able to help you out with the clearing up of the most common misconceptions related to car chip tuning. Try to approach everything with a practical perspective and gain information about the process to relieve some of your doubts. The more you familiarize yourself with the concept, the more quickly you will understand that it is an effective process.