Top 5 Best Things to Do in Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is a bustling city where modern architecture meets Medieval buildings that make the place versatile and dynamic no matter what you like to do on holiday. The capital city is a place that’s ideal for tourists no matter what their budget is, from simple strolls through Gamla Stan to trips to the most fascinating historical sites.

Stockholm is home to one of the most beautiful Medieval cities in the world and of course, home to the famous band ABBA.

If you’re planning a trip to Stockholm, read our guide to explore the best things to do in Stockholm.

Sing your Heart out at the Famous ABBA Museum


It’s hard to think of many other pop bands more iconic than ABBA, who were formed right here in the city of Stockholm in 1972. The ABBA Museum is an unmissable interactive experience in the heart of Stockholm where you can become the fifth member of the band for a day by virtually trying on the iconic costumes, singing to their songs, and even step behind the scenes of the famous Mamma Mia! movie.

If quiet musuems where people simply stroll across the floors observing artwork in silence sound like a bore to you, we can guarantee that this museum is absolutely nothing like this.

Every exhibition is interactive, telling the story of the famous four by immersing you in an experience with a VR helicopter ride, among many other attractions, where you’re sure to have the time of your life. The museum experience takes you through the story of Agnetha, Frida, Björn, and Benny from the very beginnings to how they became one of the biggest pop sensations in the world.

Hop Aboard The Vasa Museum Voyage


The Vasa Museum is one of the most historically fascinating maritime museums that’s been visited by more than 1.5 people from all over the world every year. The Vasa was a warship that capsized in the 17th century and was salvaged more than 300 years after it sank in Stockholm. The story behind the ship’s history is very intriguing because there are different theories surrounding the reasons why it capsized. The ship sank early on in its voyage when a gust of wind caused the ship to topple on its side. The vessel flooded and sank in Stockholm’s waters, remaining there fore years until marine technician Anders Franzen discovered it.

Today, the Vasa one of the most well-preserved historical ships in the world. When the ship was salvaged, it took decades to restore, stabilise and conserve it to be fit for exhibition. A remarkable 98% of the original structure of the Vasa is still intact, making it a true spectacle to behold. If you’re in Stockholm, we highly suggest making time to witness this ancient piece of history that looks just as it did when it set sail in 1628. The museum is open daily to visitors to explore the ship, artefacts salvaged from the wreck, and the story of how the ship was brought to the surface.

Try Your Luck at Casino Cosmopol

Fast forward from the 17th to the 21st century, another main attraction in Sweden is the Casino Cosmopol. After a day packed with museum visits and delicious Swedish cuisine, one of the best ways to spend your evening in Stockholm is by visiting the country’s one and only casino. The Caasino Cosmopol combines luxury, elegance, and entertainment under one roof. The building used to be a cinema back in the 1930s and it was even a popular jazz venue back in its day until it was revamped into a luxury casino venue.

Casino Cosmopol is open all year round up until the early hours of the night and it’s a great place to enjoy your favourite casino games like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and even a wide range of slot machines. You’ll easily be entertained for hours here and there are also great bars and restaurants for you to enjoy after a good game. For longer stays, visitors in Sweden can also check out online casino games that are licensed in the country.

Go Back to the Beginnings in Gamla Stan, the Old Town


The Old Town in Stockholm is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

With its picturesque views and Medieval charm, this is one of the most well preserved Medieval cities in all of Europe. In fact, this is the place where Stockholm was founded way back in the 13th century.

You can easily spend a day strolling through the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan, exploring all the sites, restaurants, bars, and of course, doing a little bit of shopping too.

The Old Town is also home to a breathtaking attraction known as the Royal Palace. This is one of the world’s largest palace, with over 600 rooms and museums to visit. If you’re in Stockholm, we definitely suggest taking a day to get lost in the magical atmosphere of Gamla Stan.

Noble Banquet at City Hall


Stockholm’s City Hall is famous for its magnificent ceremonial halls and unique artworks. City Hall is often used as a wedding venue and other events like the famous Nobel Banquet. This is held every year on the 10th of December for guests who participate in the Nobel Prize ceremony. The event offers a multi-course dinner that’s truly fit for royalty, coupled by world-class entertainment and service. The event is even broadcasted on live television.

While you might not be able to partake in the Nobel Banquet, you can take a tour around City Hall if you go with a guided tour. The tour guide will take you around several of the rooms and halls and explain what the purpose of each room, the story behind some of the famous murals, and the history of the Nobel Prize. The Blue Hall and the Golden Hall are just some of the unmissable highlights of this tour – we can guarantee you’ll be mesmerised by the magnificent of this ancient Palace!