How Far in Advance Should You Start Preparing to Move?


Well, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. The only thing that matters is how much are you due, and efficiently can you manage your time. But it is always recommended to start as early as you can.

Changing homes can become a daunting experience if you are not careful enough. The preparations of moving out usually begin almost 8 weeks before the actual date. People should ideally start packing 3 weeks before the final date and should start looking for packers and movers at least 5 weeks priorly.

The process of moving is not as simple as it seems. After all, clearing out a house, organizing, and packing stuff, no matter how big or small the place is, is a difficult task and usually requires some help from others.

Luckily, with the advancements in technology, people can hire packers and movers, who would help them clear their house in a professional manner. Many online service providers are now available on the internet and the market of the same is quite big and reputed. People who are planning to move out should look for movers at least 5 weeks prior to the final date. You can visit this website to find the best moving quotes online.

As easy as it may sound, the process of moving out from a well-settled home is a big deal and requires a lot of prior preparation in order to avoid any last minute hassle and chaos.

Given below is a detailed analysis and a few tips that might help you plan your moving out schedule.

8 weeks before moving out


This is the perfect time to begin your planning and preparations for the big day. If you start as early as 8 weeks before, the chances of any last-minute chaos reduces significantly. You can start organizing your belongings in different categories and prepare a list of the same. Keeping things listed would make the entire process much easier.

5 weeks out


With the deadline coming closer, you should now start looking for different packers and movers. You should approach at least four to five different professionals, in order to get an idea of the pricing and process of the same. You can also get their quotes online. Different packers have differently priced-packages to cater to the needs of all. You can compare, and then select the best package which suits your needs. Many packers now provide pan-country services, so that moving out does not become a headache for people.

3 weeks to go


The moving out date is almost around the corner. This is the time when you should start packing your belongings. The list you prepared earlier would help you greatly now. You can start by selecting the things which you want to carry with you, and separate the things out which are of no use to you anymore. You can either try to sell them online, or simply discard them. However, giving them away in an open donation is also an option for you to consider. Things which are not useful to you might be helpful to others.

While packing away all your stuff, do not forget to grab all the important documents and keep them in a secure folder. Moving out usually holds one of the highest potentials of getting things misplaced, and surely, you would not want to lose any of your documents. Your major work is done here, leave out the rest to the hands of the professionals that you have previously hired.

1 week till your exit


The last week before you move out. If you have been living in a rental agreement apartment, then this is the time that you should utilize to clean up your space. Leaving the place in a good shape would not only leave a nice impression on your landlord, but also hasten the process of you receiving your security deposit back. You can start by packing in your kitchen and cleaning the appliances like the microwave and the fridge. The beddings and sheets should also be considered at this time, as you only have a few days left. To move out easily with the minimum hassle, it is advised to have a friend over to help you move the bedding situation and clean the kitchen.

Only One day to go


With only 24 hours left till your grand exit, you should now wrap up the packing situation.

Additionally, in order to avoid any chaos at your new place, you should pack a day’s box or bag, which would carry all your first day requirements. The contents of this box (or bag) could include your toiletries, soaps, tooth brush, tooth paste, your chargers and power banks, and medications, if any. Keeping this with you while you exit your old house and move into your new home would reduce the first day hassle and drama.

The last night in your old home could kick in memories, both good and bad. While you want to reminisce about everything and take a trip down the memory lane, it is advised that you should get a good night’s sleep. The entire process of moving out is daunting and cumbersome enough to drain out all your energy, but you surely do not want to miss out on the fun and adventure that moving into your new home would bring. Have a sound sleep, you have earned it.

A few tips


Never let the packers move expensive and valuable items. No matter how professional they are, the chances of slight errors are never zero. These errors and mistakes might cost you a lot of fortune. Additionally, gather all your valuables and keep them at a safe location early in your preparations. This way you would not lose or misplace your documents and other valuables.


Packing and moving out of homes can become a process filled with a lot of hardships and chaos for many. All this can be reduced to a great extent, if not eliminated all together, with a little planning. And early planning is highly recommended to all.