Common Causes of Truck Accidents


Truck accidents are horrifying because, many times, they lead to serious injuries or death due to the severe impact. A truck can weigh more than 300,000pounds while a regular passenger vehicle weighs around 4000pounds. Additionally, the driver in a truck usually rides higher in the cab while the driver in a standard car is on the lower ground.

That means a normal motorist is at a higher risk of injuries or death when they collide with a truck, and the results of big trucks wrecks can be devastating. Many of these accidents are preventable if only the drivers are more careful. Let’s look at the common causes of truck-related accidents to help you be more cautious on the road.

Driver fatigue


Driver fatigue remains a common cause of truck-related accidents in many states. Often, commercial truck drivers are required to drive over long miles to deliver goods within a given timeline. They may sometimes be required to spend several days on the road with little rest and few sleeping hours.

Most of them are fatigued, leading to the loss of concentration and slower reaction time on the road. There are regulations and laws stipulating how many hours a truck driver should drive in a single shift, but many companies don’t adhere to those laws, which is why driver fatigue remains a common cause of truck-related accidents.

Distracted driving


The truth is, truck drivers usually experience a lot of boredom when driving alone over long distances. When driving in remote areas, the driver may not have enough radio signal, and the boredom may cause them to look for other ways of entertainment, such as looking over the phone for a playlist or texting. That simple act of reaching over the phone to dial a number, change the playlist, eat, or do something else causes distracted driving and can lead to an accident.

Overtaking and speeding


Another cause of truck-related accidents is speeding and overtaking. At times it may not be possible for a commercial truck driver to deliver goods in the time the employer allocates them, but they have to try anyway. As such, the driver may try to drive faster than the truck allows or even the road conditions in the pressure to meet the delivery timeline. That also means overtaking and speeding right up behind small vehicles, leading to an accident.

Lack of proper training


There are laws regarding the specific training hours a commercial truck driver should undergo in every state, but many manage to hit the road without the required training. If a truck driver is not well trained and skilled in maneuvering a commercial truck in bad weather conditions to prevent situations like skidding and hydroplaning, they are most likely to cause accidents.

Lack of proper maintenance


The truck should also be inspected before hitting the road as they are more prone to the wear and damage caused by rough terrains and poor weather conditions. Failure of truck routine maintenance can lead to a deadly truck accident.

Parting shot

Always be careful when trailing a truck on the road.