What Are the Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Arizona?

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Motorcycle accidents continue to be the leading cause of many deaths on the roads.

Motorcyclists do not have protective gear surrounding the structure. Therefore, they are more likely to suffer fatal injuries in a collision. A Peoria motorcycle accident lawyer understands the challenges and dangers that a motorcyclist faces on the road, and that is why the expert diligently represents motorcyclists. There are different causes of motorcycle accidents ad this article will discuss seven of them.


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Over speeding is one reckless behavior that causes motorcycle accidents. When a motorcyclist is speeding, speed hinders them from acting quickly or seeing other drivers.

Hence, it is hard to prevent a collision when over-speeding. In fact, the higher the speed, the stronger the impact and severity of injuries in an accident.

Unsafe Lane Changing

Accidents between motorcycles and cars taking a left-hand turn are common. Mostly, car drivers wrongly judge the speed of a motorcycle. Furthermore, they fail to check or see the blind spots when changing lanes. Even the motorcyclists fail to check the car signals. As such, accidents from unsafe lane changing happen often, and most of them are fatal.


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Hitting the road on a motorcycle after smoking marijuana, using other drugs, or drinking alcohol is dangerous. Remember, drugs and alcohol impair your judgment, and you can easily cause an accident. Therefore, driving under the influence is another leading cause of motorcycle accidents.


Just like a vehicle, a motorcycle rider should have enough experience before they get on the road. Motorcyclists without experience can make wrong moves that may cause accidents. Many people assume that you don’t need any experience to ride a motorcycle.

However, in the real sense, you need ample experience and several lessons in riding a motorcycle before you use the road.

Road Hazards

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A car driver might not notice potholes, pavements, or tracks. However, for a motorcyclist, this is different. A motorcycle is a bit unstable and smaller compared to a vehicle.

Therefore, irregularities from such things or objects on the road can easily cause accidents.

Therefore, motorcyclists must stay alert on such things.

Lane Splitting

You might have noticed a motorcycle squeezing between vehicles moving slow or stopping vehicles. This is called lane splitting, and it is a common cause of motorcycle accidents since car drivers don’t expect vehicles to pass them in traffic jams. When motorcycles squeeze between the space left between lanes in traffic jams or stopped vehicles, it raises the chance of being involved in an accident.

Motorcycle Flaws

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Sometimes motorcycle accidents are due to motorcycle defects. The motorcycle may be poorly-designed, or there could be problems with maintenance and such. In short, mechanical issues on motorcycles are other causes of accidents.


These are the common causes of motorcycle accidents. According to statistics, most of these accidents are fatal considering the unsafety structure and driver recklessness.

Understanding the causes of these accidents can help reduce the fatality and number of mishaps happening on the roads. Motorcyclists are responsible for following traffic rules and wearing protective gear whenever they are on the road. Furthermore, riding while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs is prohibited.