Reasons to Hire Professional Grease Trap Cleaners


The grease tank remains the most ignored part of your cleaning system; you might notice that companies provide disinfectants to clean dishes and even vacuum to clean dishes and equipment. But in the case of grease tanks, there is limited awareness; some people do not even know that their grease tank may be the reason for a bad odour in their home.

So in this article, we will discuss how professionals are a great choice for cleaning grease tanks. Also, we recommend Oakland Grease Trap Services as they have shown exceptional customer satisfaction and working skills over the years.

1. Advanced types of equipment


The upper hand in hiring professionals for cleaning is that they come with technically advanced equipment, which makes cleaning quick and efficient. Grease trap cleaning is a complex task, and it requires great precision and experience, so a person with good skills and required equipment can only clean it in the best possible way.

So professionals bring along equipment which easily cleans the fat collected in the trap, and also they clean the walls of the grease trap, which prevents any further damages to the tank.

The professionals use the equipment listed below.

Rubber Gloves

The rubber gloves make it easier for the professionals not to get their hands dirty while cleaning the grease tank.


There are various grease tanks, so a wench is a useful tool to lift the lid and start cleaning.

Grease vacuum

The grease vacuum is an exclusive use tool because it allows the bearer to clean all the fat stored in the grease tank.

2. Professional Advice


There is a wide saying that the wisdom of an experienced person is better than his tools.

So the best way to get back with the professional grease trap cleaners is to provide you with the advice that can allow you to extend the life of your grease tank.

This advice can include factors like maintaining the temperature of your dish cleaning water because if the temperature is high, the fats will melt and pass through the grease tank to the pipeline. So you can always learn a piece of advice from professionals.

3. Use of Proper chemicals and Enzymes


Only a professional cleaner is aware that some chemicals have to be used carefully while washing your grease tank, so you must use the correct set of enzymes, making it easier to rush out all the fat stored in the grease tank.

These enzymes and chemicals are not a proven technique, but a person with proper skills and experience can always use them most possibly.

4. Placing new


Only a professional can help you guess when your grease tank needs cleaning and when you need a replacement. So professionals will look over your grease tank and pipelines, and then they will arrive at a conclusion that the tank needs mending or the tank has to be equipped with new parts.

So when you are unsure and look for efficient cleaning, it’s always a great call to look out for professionals.