3 Reasons Never to Bet on Your Favorite Sports Team

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When you ask sports betting experts whether you should bet on your favorite team, 9 out of 10 will tell you that you should avoid it at all costs. While it may seem very tempting to combine cheering for your favorite team and the money earned when they win, you will very soon realize that it is a double-edged sword. If you think you can be objective when betting on your favorite team and turn off emotions, trust us, you just can’t, like most of other fans. And we will give you reasons never to bet on your favorite sports team to make sure you fully understand negative effects of it on your budget.

1. Biasness

Source: piqsels.com

Emotion and bias are the primary things that stand in the way between you and successfully betting on your favorite team. Let’s be honest and think about how we feel about our favorite team. Do we analyze that team like everyone else or do we always have higher expectations when our favorite team plays?

Also, how many times have we unrealistically expected that our team will be able to win a match where it is an outsider. Also, when our team is the favorite to win the game, we never think that it still has a chance to lose and that is why you may invest much more money in a bet than you would do if you are betting on another team. All this leads to a significant reduction in your chances of success, and you also put yourself at greater risk of losing money.

2. Murphy’s law

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You have probably heard of the epigram: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

That epigram is called the Murphy’s law and all those who bet on their favorite team have at least once been convinced of the truth of Murphy’s law. 99% of sports fans are very superstitious, and when you bet on the victory of your favorite team, it can be one of the ways to bring it bad luck. Online casinos have encountered many times the situation that a man blames himself for the defeat of his favorite team because he bet on them. You don’t want to be that man for sure.

If you ever start losing too much when you are betting on sports, you can try some other online casino games where your bias isn’t going to be involved. Many people are looking for a blackjack online once the NFL season finishes.

3. Disappointment after defeat will be even greater

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Only a sports fan knows how great disappointment is after a defeat in an important match, especially a defeat in a rivalry game. It will take you days, maybe even weeks, to recover from the defeat of your favorite team. There are even fans who lament over some defeats for the rest of their lives. And imagine how much worse it will be for you when you know that you have also lost money. So spare yourself of that, it’s not worth it.


Now that you know all the reasons never to bet on your favorite sports team, we hope you won’t do it again. Hundreds and thousands of matches are played every day in different sports and each match is your chance to make money. So you can skip that one match that involves your favorite team and thus save yourself of the extra stress and loss of money.