10 Fastest Ways to Level and Gear Up Faster in New World

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Leveling up is essential in any MMO, but it’s pretty important in the New World. You’ll need to level up your character if you want to go on PvE Expedition missions to farm high-tier treasure drops or if you want to have an edge in a PvP faction battle you’re planning on partaking in.

Leveling up grants you access to essential features such as higher faction levels, and it’s also a key component of some of the best New World builds.

Because leveling is so crucial in the New World, you should aim to level up as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are various excellent techniques for fast farming XP in LFC NW Boost.

These hints and recommendations will help you spend as little time as possible grinding so you can get right into the Expeditions and PvP activities that make New World one of the greatest PC multiplayer games available right now.

Here are some of the most effective ways to harvest XP in the New World.

10 Ways to level and gear up faster in New World:

These brief and quick tips will serve you well during your New World experience.

1. Go for Settlement And Log Off

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When you’re done playing, go to a settlement and log off. The next time you play, you’ll earn a boost to your XP gains for resting.

2. Enhance Your Territory

Kill mobs, acquire supplies, and complete quests to enhance your standing in each territory. As you advance in your status, you’ll have more opportunities to increase the amount of XP you get in that area.

3. Travel Quickly

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To speed up the grind, travel as quickly as possible. Fast travel necessitates a tiny quantity of Azoth, which you should be able to get via quest rewards.

4. Prioritize the main story quests

Unlike many other MMOs, completing primary plot missions is one of the most effective methods to level up early on. Each one awards massive amounts of XP, and most of them are also rather simple. We recommend focusing on your primary missions until you’ve completed them all. However, you’ll need to tackle some side quests to keep up with their level requirements.

5. Complete town project board quests

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Picking uptown project board missions at each territorial settlement is a good idea both during and after you complete the main questline. You’ll acquire a lot of XP from these tasks, as well as a lot of territorial standing, which you may use to boost your XP gains in that region.

Concentrate on tasks that are simple, such as exploration or assassination. Quests requiring you to hunt down certain animals or deliver specific items frequently need a lot of searching or creating, which is inefficient.

6. Accept Town Missions

If you obtained this during the main quest, you should make use of it whenever it is accessible. Within a settlement, town missions are accepted through the town board. At any given moment, there are up to twelve missions available for you to take, and you can accept them all at once.

Once you’ve completed one or two tasks, the game will refresh, and you’ll be able to accept any new missions that appear. This is an excellent method to get cash, experience points, and, most importantly, a settlement reputation.

You will get several benefits if you maintain a good status on specified settlements.

Depending on whatever benefits you pick as you level, these include lower taxes, the opportunity to buy dwellings for this specific community, improved talents such as collecting, and much more.

When you keep executing these tasks every time they come up, you’ll level up quickly on top of everything else. When you’re wondering, keep an eye on them and attempt to gather as many supplies as possible.

Most of these tasks may be completed quickly once you accept them, provided you already have the necessary resources.

Then you’ll have to wait a little while for another task to appear. Even though the Town

Missions board has been nerfed, it is still a good way to swiftly rank up.

7. Don’t forget about faction missions

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At level 10, you should begin adding faction missions into your schedule after joining one of the three New World factions.

You may get them from the representative of your faction in each village. In terms of XP, PvE missions are less rewarding than town board quests, but they will help you rank up in your faction and reward you with faction tokens that you can use to purchase useful gear.
PvP faction missions give you a lot of XP, but they’re risky because you’ll fail if you die to other players before completing them.

8. Farm Expedition quests

Farming quests connected to the Expedition dungeon objectives that you unlock at level 25 are the greatest way for level 25+ characters to grind XP. For example, in Windward, Barkimedes has recurrent tasks that require you to deliver him bones from the Amirine Excavation Expedition’s enemies.

These quests pay out a ridiculous amount of XP, and with a full group of competent players, this farm may power 30,000 XP each hour.

9. Multitask

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The major mission to complete is the one noted in bright yellow in your journal (to open, press “J”). If you continue to complete your major quests without exploring and doing side tasks, you will ultimately approach a level wall, which will prevent you from completing the next main quest.

The primary mission will reward you with a large number of experience points, but due to the amount of running around you will have to perform, multitasking will be essential to keep things running smoothly. When you want to level up quickly in the New World, make sure you’re doing all mentioned below to maximize efficiency.

10. Defeat Monsters Along the Way

While this is self-evident, I would go one step further to make this process more efficient for you. You will undoubtedly meet creatures as you travel from one mission to the next across the territory. Even if they aren’t part of your goals, you can still take care of them promptly.

Do not put them first or go into a trance while doing so. If you notice other players battling creatures on your road, simply strike them once or twice to acquire XP and weapon mastery – you don’t have to wipe them out entirely on your own. In the New World, hit and run is an excellent strategy for fast leveling.


Do this for each creature you come across. It won’t bother other gamers who are on the hunt for such monsters, so they’ll still gain credit for them. This is simpler if you use a ranged weapon, although melee weapons may still be used efficiently. This approach just adds a few more experience points to all of the walkings you do while questing.