How Many Guys Are Actually Buying Sex Dolls


A relatively new trend is for guys to buy sex dolls. But is this an empty claim or is there truth to it? The sex toys industry is massively growing.

At the current time of writing, the industry is worth $33 billion. What’s more interesting is that the industry is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 8.09% by 2028. While these are statistics we can turn to, that doesn’t really answer the question regarding guys and sex doll purchases.

Are More Guys Really Buying Sex Dolls?


From vibrators to cop cuffs and everything in between, sex toys are a popular way for single people and couples to spice up their love life. There haven’t been many products for guys though. Apart from the usual suspects, guys have sort of been left to fend for themselves when it comes to sex toys.

Fortunately, sex dolls have always been around and they seem to be getting more and more popular. But answering how popular are these lifeless companions is rather difficult. First of all, the subject is quite sensitive even if people are more comfortable speaking about their sex life.

While women are more comfortable discussing kinks and toys, guys aren’t as much. A sex doll might be seen as a pleasure toy, but not everyone sees it as such. Some people see it negatively. They shed negative light and that prevents guys from speaking up.

Even if there aren’t specific numbers, we can assume sex dolls to be more popular as more businesses that manufacture them keep popping up.

Why Do Guys Buy Sex Dolls?


There are a whole host of reasons why guys are buying sex dolls. From ordinary size to mini sex dolls, each person has their reasons for doing so.

But we can look at real-life examples and hopefully conclude as to why this trend is popping up. One of the most common reasons why guys are buying sex dolls is loneliness. It might sound bad or negative, but the COVID lockdowns have impacted social lives in ways unimaginable.

People’s love lives have become stale, so the need to relieve sexual tensions for single guys comes in the form of a sex doll. Another reason why guys are doing it is due to poor relationships. From bad marriages to a mixed bag of dating experiences, a sex doll can provide sexual relief without expecting anything in return.

These reasons are more social than experimental. But we do know that people like to experiment with different things. So it’s totally normal to assume that guys also buy mini sex dolls to experience something different. The reasons for wanting such an experience are also many. Maybe they’re in a stale relationship and need a “kicker” to revitalize it.

Maybe they like to do something different. At the end of the day, sex dolls are here and they’re not going away anytime soon. So what better way to experience something different, unique, and emotionless in a time where lockdowns and stale dating is at an all-time high than with a sex doll.

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