How to Find a Local Shipping Partner for Your Ecommerce Store


The first thing that most eCommerce entrepreneurs consider when starting their online shops is how good they will look to attract customers. They also think about how they’ll feature different products and provide customers with the best user experience. Then, they look for ways to attain the most online and social network visibility to get quality leads.

The eCommerce store owners should look for the best shipping companies to help them provide the best services to their current customers and gain more committed ones. The eCommerce business people need to understand that the shipping process is as important as the services provided by the online shop.

Therefore, they should work with the perfect shipping company to ensure that their customers get their items shipped reliably and with a friendly attitude. And since the shipping management they choose can make their online shop succeed or fail, they must select a suitable shipping company. The following are some factors that eCommerce entrepreneurs should consider when selecting the perfect shipping company for their online shops.

1. Cost


The eCommerce companies need to try as much as possible and offer the best prices to customers compared to their competitors. However, they should understand that the shipping costs could enable them to acquire new customers or lose some interested ones because of the high shipping costs. They also need to know that being cheap may not always translate to receiving good-quality services.

A shipping company that charges cheaply for their services may sometimes make late deliveries of the products, lose some goods or deliver damaged items. That would make the customers unhappy because of the bad user experience. eCommerce company managers should understand that shipping costs vary based on their quantity and weight.

Shipping companies charge depending on the volume and weight of the products to be delivered. They also consider the width, height, and length of the items when calculating the costs.

The shipping companies also consider the distance they will cover to deliver the products.

Shipping organizations charge differently for different areas. They charge their clients depending on whether the delivery is regional, local, national, or international when setting costs for the goods to be shipped. Having more orders translates to a reduction in the price per shipment. Most firms charge their customers depending on their shipping volume. They charge higher costs for fewer shipments and vice versa.

2. Delivery Areas


The shipping firm does depend on the eCommerce company’s potential clients and their location. There will be little to no inconvenience if the shipping company only delivers within a single area. However, the eCommerce company should find a shipping service that suits their needs if it expands its business to other regions. The shipping firm should provide reliable services and cover the needed area through their branch offices in the delivery areas.

If the eCommerce company chooses an organization that offers national coverage, they should make proper arrangements if they get an international order. And since most shipping companies use specific tracking, system, and integrated logistics solutions, they can provide eCommerce firms with the best services depending on the kind of online ships they operate.

3. Will the Shipping Company Deliver Directly to Customers or Do It from a Store?

The eCommerce organization management should check whether the carrier they choose delivers customer orders directly to them or has a pick-up point in one of their branches where the clients go for the items. Shipping companies charge more for the products delivered directly to the customers. That is because they will incur extra expenses such as fuel. However, the eCommerce firm should consider delivering products directly to their customers because it is more reliable and convenient. It will also not need to rent outlets to store the items before the customers pick them.

4. The Shipping Company’s Insurance Policies


A shipping company with a carrier declared value coverage provides eCommerce businesses with a free 100 dollars coverage. However, if the range exceeds that amount, the carrier should report the amount and purchase more shipping insurance coverage depending on its needs.

Shipping companies acquire insurance coverage to protect the firms and their customers against the loss of their goods. The eCommerce companies should choose shipping firms with insurance policies that will enable them to manage risks if their property gets damaged, they get in an accident, or any other eventuality.

5. Does the Shipping Company Give Discounts or Offers to their Customers?


The eCommerce company managers also need to check if the shipping company they consider working with gives discounts to their clients. They should also ask whether the shipping firm offers special offers to their customers.

Some carriers give discounts and special offers to new customers, existing and loyal clients, among others. They may provide discounts or offers depending on the number of items to be delivered to their clients, the amount of money paid by clients per shipping, etc.

The eCommerce companies should choose shipping companies that provide them with discounts and offers that help them save on costs as much as possible.

6. Items that International Shipping Companies Might Not Carry that Local Ones Might


In America, some products should only be transported by local shipping companies.

Shipping companies can move others either within the locality or beyond. Before signing any contract with shipping companies, eCommerce firms should check that whatever they need to ship can be transported by the company they choose.

Final Thoughts

All eCommerce entrepreneurs start their businesses to make them as appealing as possible for their customers. They also find the right products to supply their clients before selecting the best shipping company. The above are some of the factors they should consider when looking for the perfect shipping companies for their needs.

They should remember that shipping firms play a significant role in sustaining or losing customers. That is why they need to take enough time before settling on the best shipping company. A good example of a great shipping company would be IntelliQuick, which services the Southwest United States.