Are Casino Bonuses a Marketing Play or Real Earnings?


Just about all casinos in Poland, both physical and online, offer bonuses to keep players hooked for longer. If you randomly look at some of the casinos listed at, you’ll see attractive bonuses, some of which may seem too good to be true, honestly.

So, are these bonuses mere marketing gimmicks used by casinos? Or, do they present you with an avenue for actual earnings? One way of knowing whether these bonuses are real for sure is to examine why casinos give them out.

Why Do Casinos Give You Bonuses?

When you boil everything down you’ll see that two primary reasons motivate casinos to give you all these alluring bonuses.

To Capture Your Attention


Casinos give bonuses for the simple reason of attracting punters to their websites. As we’d seen earlier, just about all casinos offer bonuses, but these bonuses are never the same.

You’ll notice that some online casinos in Poland give you bigger bonuses compared to what they offer to residents from other countries. In fact, saying only bigger bonuses doesn’t do justice as these bonuses we’re talking about often have something a little extra, like free spins, compared to ones in other countries. Even more alluring bonuses like no deposit free spins can be found.

The reason for that is simply because casinos view the Polish market for online casinos as an overlooked landmark in terms of reaching out to and creating new player bases. And the best way to capture the attention of undiscovered players is to offer them huge bonuses.

It’s simple as that – a straightforward marketing strategy.

For Customer Retention

The other reason you can see many bonuses is to enable casinos to retain their existing customer base. If a casino makes false claims concerning bonuses, they’ll likely lose their customers and even shut down.

For this reason, casinos actualize their bonuses and use them to encourage you to play more even though offering huge bonuses may seem unprofitable at first sight.

The thing is it is costly to maintain an online casino as you might guess. That’s why sitting and expecting players to keep playing without providing them with incentives is bound to end up in them closing their doors. Therefore, casinos need bonuses to keep their player base engaged in their services.

Casinos Are Regulated


The government’s regulation of the Polish gambling scene makes it difficult for casinos to do illegal dealings. For instance, casinos can’t promise you a bonus and then change their mind because doing so could cost them their operating license.

The regulation doesn’t mandate that casinos give bonuses. Nevertheless, if casinos advertise that they’ll give a particular bonus, they’re obliged to give you the bonus.

Note: Before you get too excited and go for the casino that promises you the most significant bonuses, you might want to examine wagers.

Wagering conditions are those requirements that casinos require you to meet before you can cash out your bonuses and winnings.

Some casinos may offer handsome bonuses while at the same time enforcing wagers that make it really difficult to withdraw the money.

Also, you may want to avoid those shady sites that purport to give you attractive bonuses, yet they’re not registered to operate in Poland. Since they operate outside the Polish law, it’s difficult to make them accountable if they infringe on your rights.

An online casino expert and author, Jacek Michalski, emphasises that licensing information should be the first thing to check while choosing a casino. He believes that the best course of action is to ensure the casino’s legitimacy if you want to gamble in a safe environment without having to worry about your private information being stolen and actually get your earnings when you win.

Types of Bonuses

Casinos, both physical and online, give you many bonus options. Some of the common bonuses that you’ll find include

• Cashback bonus
• Deposit bonus
• No deposit bonuses
• Matching bonus
• Multiple deposit bonus

Cashback Bonus


A cashback bonus is an excellent method for players to recoup some of their losses. If you put a wager and don’t win, the casino rewards you with cashback, which helps to lessen the pain while also providing a good incentive to keep playing.

You can access these types of bonuses at various casino sites, and they’re frequently handed away as part of promos. So watch out for a daily cashback deal that suits you.

A cashback reward is a mechanism for players to recoup a portion of their losses as a token of the casino’s goodwill. The percentage fluctuates typically and varies from casino to casino, and there is usually a maximum amount that you may claim back.

These cashback bonuses can be used with other bonuses such as welcome bonuses and stand-alone bonuses during a promotional period. Several casinos provide cashback incentives in their live casinos and sports betting areas.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are those that casinos give punters for certain deposits that they make.

The idea behind deposit bonuses is to encourage punters to deposit more money into their online casinos for a chance to win more.

Of course, when you deposit more money, the casino, or house, also stands to gain more revenues. However, you can beat the house and laugh all the way to the bank if you apply the right tips.

No Deposit Bonuses


In the realm of online gaming, no deposit bonuses are quite popular. They’re a fantastic way to try out a new online casino, its services, and games while also earning real money without having to put any money down.

The most prominent no deposit bonus policy is christened the one-bonus-per-player policy.

Casinos are in business, and they certainly don’t want to provide a bonus to the same player several times just because it’s free.

The casino will authenticate your identification if you fulfil the bonus wagering conditions and want to withdraw your winnings. You will never be able to make a successful withdrawal if you join up using credentials you’ve used before.

Casinos are pretty clever in this regard, so your best bet is to join up under your name and just once for each promotion and casino.

If the incentive is in the form of free credit, you’ll need to roll it over several times before withdrawing. The wagering requirements for no deposit bonuses are quite high—up to 100x in some cases.

Matching Bonus

A matching bonus is one that a casino awards you to match the amount that you’ve deposited. The most prominent matching bonus that you’ll get is the welcome bonus.

Nevertheless, matching bonuses usually come with certain limits.

Multiple Deposit Bonus


This is one of the most well-known casino bonuses available. You must first create a new account and select a payment method. The online casino will then double the first deposit you make into your account.

Most casinos in Poland will give you a multiple deposit bonus of 100% match up to the highest bonus amount available. Such a bonus will be subject to terms and limitations, such as wagering requirements.


All in all, it’s okay to be suspicious of the bonuses offered by Polish online casinos simply because of how enticing they sound. However, casinos don’t just hand you over some free cash and allow you to withdraw them without playing their games. As long as you find a proper, licensed casino with fair wagering requirements, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to receiving these incentives.