3 Reasons to Bet With Your Brain and Not With Your Heart

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Getting the feelings from the anticipation and the thrill-filled experiences from gambling is what many people love. Enjoying your regular betting adventures is great until you begin playing with your heart instead of thinking about it.

You surely remember a situation where you knew you should not do something, but you still did it because of “gut” feelings. Things like this can be catastrophic during your betting sessions, because of the usual bad outcomes that follow.

To explain why you should always think and use your brain while you bet, while not hearing what your heart says, we wrote this article. We will list a few reasons why is this bad, and also how to prevent yourself on acting on such feelings.

1. Ruining your experience

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Everybody enjoys the times when they are winning the games, however, this will not be possible if you play with your heart. Your feelings and emotions are not being able to judge the situation properly, so you will most likely make a mistake. Because of that, your day and your betting experience will be ruined. All of the hopes for coming out as a winner will fall because you did not think properly.

When you are placing your bets, you are thinking about the probability of winning, also combining the strategy and the hopes of luck. If you are doing this using your feelings, you will not be able to combine all that, and you can lose a won round.

2. Financial problems

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Since this activity is done using your money, if you are not using your brain, you will most likely fall into a bad financial spot. When it comes to finances, you should only do this with a predetermined amount that you can bear to lose it.

Betting is mostly for the feelings that you get while playing, not as a spot where you can earn something. That is why, you should separate an amount that will not affect your life if you lose it, and have a good time. Make sure that you are doing this with your finances, and never play with lent funds.

3. Not knowing when to quit

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Depending on the game that you play, there will be a time where you will have an advantage over others. You have to make sure that you are being calm, and that you think rationally. If you have already won a certain prize, you should know when to get off and call it home.

Picking the right betting website

Finding the right betting website is a must for your gambling sessions. However, you won’t be able to pick the right site if you simply choose by its looks and your gut feeling. Instead, rely on your brain to decide which website is actually legitimate. Use reliable websites to bet on CS, sports betting or any other casino games.


Although betting can be interesting, you have to think hard while doing that. Being a responsible person is the most important thing doing such activities. Make sure that you are not being under influence, and only play with finances you can bear to lose. Only then you can have a truly fantastic thrill-filled experience.