4 Tips for Understanding the Die Casting Process

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The casting industry is of great importance. All those who are with die-casting technology know how demanding this process is. That’s why we need to understand this process well before starting with it. We hope that these tips will help you see the entire procedure better – and make castings for your customers that will meet their requirements.

Understand The Process So You Can Offer Quality To Your Customers

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In the casting industry, just like in other industries, the most important thing is that the customer is satisfied with the outcome of this process – that is, that the ordered products meet the needs of customers and the required quality. The process of die casting itself is not easy – so you have to master it well to give your customers what they want. Maybe some of these tips will help you to better understand this procedure and keep your quality of work high – and your customers happy.

1. Try to achieve the same thickness when casting sides of the object

Although this seems like a simple thing, it really isn’t. In the process of die casting, changes and variations in the casting sides of the object can occur. According to evergreatmm.com, this difference can most often occur due to the speed of injection – but also the cooling of the metal in the molds. Therefore, you must make an effort to minimize these deviations in dimensions.

2. Improve the quality of the casting by making a larger angle radius

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If you want to extend the life of the steel casting, it is recommended that the inner angles be cast as large as possible. Larger outer angles will reduce steel degradation and make the steel casting long-lasting and more durable.

3. Pay attention to the casting design

This goes without saying, but we are often inclined to overlook things like the design of the interior walls of castings. Therefore, you should know this die casting trick that involves leaking air in order to get the casting out of the mold much easier. This technique is very similar to that when you use a silicone mold to remove cakes. When there is an air leak on the inside of the mold, then the casting will be easier to remove.

4. Undercuts should be avoided

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If you need to undercut some parts below or under, that is very difficult to do when using this technique. Therefore, it would be desirable to avoid it if you can. If you really need to do it because of customer requirements, then count on the fact that you will have to use a moving steel casting, also called a slider – to cast the geometric shapes of the cut lines. Of course, something like this is a far more complex procedure, so it will increase the price.

The Bottom Line

So, as you can see, the die casting process is quite complex in its essence. Therefore, some of these tricks can be helpful – and very quickly, the whole procedure becomes routine when you do it.