Unarmed Security Guards: Why You Need Them

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Protecting your assets and property from damage and theft is one of the biggest concerns for everyone. You will find banks, malls, and even corporate offices having security guards to help them manage their property better.

Hiring a security guard or a whole team of them is the best way to ensure the safety of your property and belongings. However, there is a long debate going on about whether armed or unarmed security guards are better.

To be honest, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. It all depends on the owner’s needs. For example, armed security guards are necessary for places like banks and malls. In this piece, we will discuss the benefits of unarmed security guards for your understanding.

Where Can You Hire an Unarmed Security Guard?

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Where Can You Hire an Unarmed Security Guard?

The expertise and professionalism of your unarmed security guard matter the most when it comes to protecting your business. Thus, you must approach a professional unarmed security service for the task.

They can help you safeguard your business and property better and improve your company’s image at the same time. Ensure you check out Masters Executive Security System’s Unarmed Security Guard Service for efficient and professional level protection. They have an experienced team with CPR certification, radio communication, and other security perks.

The Benefits of Unarmed Security Guards

Following are some ways unarmed security guards can help you with your business or property


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The biggest drawback of hiring armed security guards is that they need to have the skill and expertise to handle a firearm. You wouldn’t want to hand a gun to someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Thus, you will probably pay more for these armed security guards as compared to unarmed ones because they have a higher per hour cost.

In addition, there is always a risk that someone may get injured if your security guard isn’t careful about gun safety. Moreover, you need to pay for insurance and consider other legal matters when you hire armed security guards too. Therefore, choosing unarmed guards is a much better option because it will cost you less in the long run.

You will not need to worry about potential injuries or damages with these unarmed security guards, as they can neutralize potential threats with non-lethal methods.

Effective Protection

Running a high-profile business, such as being a wealthy stockbroker, or bank owner, etc, requires an armed security team by your side. However, not everyone faces the same scenario which is where unarmed security services may come in handy. You should know that all unarmed security teams go through rigorous training in prescribed training facilities. Therefore, you should rest easy knowing that these unarmed security guards are more than capable of protecting you, even without a weapon.

In addition, the unarmed security guards have the authority to arrest a threat, meaning, the threat will end up behind bars before you know it. They can call armed police officers even if they come across a situation where using lethal force becomes mandatory.

Sense of Security

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Sense of Security

Most businesses and individuals that hire armed security, do so to make the employees feel safer. However, this can have the opposite effect, as some people do not feel safe having so many guns around them.

You may even risk giving off the wrong impression about your business, because having too many armed guards could mean that your business isn’t safe. So, people may feel threatened or nervous in a situation like this. Fortunately, unarmed security guards allow businesses to maintain safety without intimidating anyone.

It also shows that the criminal risks in your business are very low and there is nothing to worry about. You can still create a relaxed, more productive, and overall better environment if you hire an unarmed professional security guard. Commonly, in main community events, there will be numerous unarmed security who understand crowd management 101: 7 tips to safely manage a crowd at a sports event.

Less Risky

While armed security guards train hard to understand and practice gun safety, you never know when you may have to deal with an unpleasant situation. This also means dealing with some legal issues in case things get out of hand. There is also a possibility that an armed security guard could get compromised and have no backup to lend them a hand.

What’s more, a perpetrator could take control of your security guard’s weapon and open fire. This could lead to certain damage and several casualties. The business owner would be held responsible in such a situation and would have to deal with legal matters.

Contrary to this, unarmed security guards offers more ease and rule out the chance of encountering such a situation. They also know how to neutralize such a situation without using any lethal weapons.

Dealing with Different Situations

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Armed security guards can often come off as a threat to not only the people around but could lead to a heated situation with an exchange of bullets from both sides. Both the parties would want to safeguard their interests, thus, survival instincts may cause them to pull the trigger.

It is important to handle things with intellect in a situation like this. Therefore, the person handling the threat (security guard) must ensure the safety of everyone. Perpetrators may more likely listen to a person without a weapon compared to an armed security guard.

They can handle the situation better and take the necessary security steps at the right time. An armed security guard, on the other hand, could rush things which could make things go south in certain conditions.

Better Company Image

Hiring non-lethal or unarmed security guards will help you improve your business’s image too. People do not admire companies that hire lethal forces against threats, as it makes them feel unsafe. An unarmed security guard may come off as friendlier. This is great for companies that want to promote non-violence.

There were several incidents in the near past in which innocent people died due to the misuse of firearms and the owners got into trouble. Even if your security guards have training and experience using firearms, gun-related accidents could still occur.

Thus, it is best to hire a professional unarmed security guard, as it will help you keep people safe and present you as an anti-violence company in your specific industry. It is not only great for overall safety but also from a business point of view.