How Often Should You Get Professional Teeth Whitening


You can’t put a price on a smile. Or can you? The fact is that regular visits to the dentist are the main way to improve the health and aesthetics of your teeth. Investing time and money in your teeth and your smile is always a good idea. Why? Well, because it allows you to improve your overall look and ensure that the first thing people notice about you – your smile – is flawless. Teeth whitening is a treatment that will make your teeth whiter and more beautiful. But you need to know how often you are supposed to whiten your teeth to achieve the best effect without overdoing it.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening is a treatment that involves the use of gels and other products that remove stains on your teeth, whiten them, and improve their appearance. As you probably know, there are also at-home treatments that can be helpful in order to make your smile more beautiful, but the fact is that you cannot get the same result as when this process is performed by a dentist.

Keep in mind that the concentration of the active substance that whitens is much higher than in DIY products, so the irritation of the teeth and gums may occur, but you will consult a doctor before performing this procedure to determine if it makes sense to do this treatment on your teeth.

Of course, thanks to the effectiveness of the ingredients used, the whitening effect is visible after only an hour of performing the procedure. It is essential that your teeth are healthy, in order to use the full potential of teeth whitening treatment.

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How often should you get professional teeth whitening?


Professional teeth whitening is a method, not only for improving the aesthetics of teeth, but also for destroying bacteria in the oral cavity and preventing some diseases of the teeth and gums.

In order to achieve the best effect and maintain the condition of your teeth, it is necessary to do this treatment regularly. It usually takes one treatment a year to keep your teeth in top condition. Of course, this depends on many factors, including coffee consumption, smoking, and other habits that can affect the formation of stains on teeth.

Either way, the effect will last much longer than is the case with whitening strips that you can use at home.


White teeth and a beautiful smile are the first things other people notice about you, and also how they will remember you. Teeth whitening is a method that will help you make your teeth whiter and healthier. This is a similar process as teeth whitening at home, but much stronger products are used to achieve a more effective result. To maintain this effect, you need to redo the whitening procedure once a year. Find a reliable dentist who will give you their expert opinion and also know how to perform the whitening method in the best and safest way possible.