Use of Pneumatic Systems in Various Industries


While different industries work in different ways, they must have something in common.

The machinery that is used in most industries comes from similar technologies. As an example, some machines or tools are working using a pneumatic system.

What a pneumatic system means is that the machines are working using the pressured air.

They can vary from pumps to drills, and they can even be used as heavyweight machinery like the ones used for presses, or item transportation.

To see the various uses in different industries, we have prepared this article. If you were not familiar with the pneumatic system, you can now learn how common are the machines that are working in this way, which you were using in your everyday life already.



Although it looks like the automobiles are complicated, it is well known what systems are they consisted of. Every part of the vehicle has its purpose and its own machinery to function correctly.

The air systems play a role in the braking power of the vehicles. However, they are also used for the production of those same vehicles as suggested by



The most important thing in agriculture is efficiency. Without the use of large machines, coming out with a product would be a much slower process. While in the past people were producing less product, or they needed to work harder to produce the same thing, today things can be done with machinery.

Many of these machines use pneumatic systems, and they are spread in all of the steps in agriculture. The machines can be used in sowing, reaping, forming bales, and plowing.

Because machines like these are included in every segment of farming, you can see how important are the air systems.



Many of the machines in the construction industry use pneumatics because of the force they produce. Since working with cement is not easy, these tools are essential for the workers in this field. These compressed air systems are spread from handheld tools to large machines.

One simple example is the jackhammer. They use the pneumatic force for repetitive strikes so the cement can be broken. Another example of smaller tools is the nail guns, they use compressed air to nail nails stronger.

Theme park rides


Many of the rides in the amusement park use the power of the pneumatic complexes. Since they have to withstand the weight of many people and still move fast, this would not be possible without air-powered machines.

Without parks like these, the warmer periods of the year would not be the same because they are enjoyed by people from all age groups.



As dangerous as this industry can be, people are always looking for solutions to increase the safety of the workers. The pneumatic systems find their place in this field because they are responsible for holding the ceiling. Since they are reliable, they don’t need much care for the effect that they offer.


As you have seen, pneumatics are spread in almost every industry possible. Where there are machines, there are these systems. However, you can find tools that we use the same principle which we use in our everyday lives. For example, there are the ball pumps, vacuums, and the thing on top of the door which prevents sudden slams.

With all this involvement, we can only appreciate how important pneumatics are for our well functioning.