Reasons Why Glass Is the Best Material for Bongs


Pleasure has been making its place on the top of the wishlist for decades and centuries; in earlier times, it began with wine and later shifted to champagne and tobacco. Generations after generations, there was always a habit that was an escape and pleasure that was a quick boost to your personality. Each of you knows about the character developed by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, who commonly comes to be known as Sherlock Holmes.

The one who holds bongs in his lower jaw and walks on the roads solving the mystery that would blow a commoner’s mind. So these bongs have set an era of traditional culture, so types of bongs and advantages of glass Bongs are summarized below.

Bongs have emerged as the best way of pleasure as it allows one to suck in the wonderful smell and get lost in the pleasure that binds you with supreme peace. Various factors can highly influence the level of pleasure you attain from this practice, and it completely depends on the device, bongs. The bongs aim to provide the best quality fumes to the user, and the factors that can enhance it are listed below.

1. Ergonomics


This is the major factor that decides the device’s work because it relates to the design and shape. The ergonomics of the bongs make it easier to use and along with its enhanced nostril injection technique. This is a field of applied science that has ensured high results from product usage. Its scientific purpose has allowed people to manage and enhance its supreme quality easily.

The design of these bongs vary depending on the user’s need. These bongs can be carried but there are also some long pipe bongs which can be used by users.

2. Touch

In movies, you might have seen that the glass falls from the actor’s hand, and it smashes right into the floor, but don’t worry, it’s not the issue with your bongs. These bongs are made up of a hardened type of glass which allows users to keep it anywhere easily, and it is designed so that it evenly distributes the pressure experienced by it on the fall.

So the hard glass of the bongs gives it a wonderful look and assures their long life, and when it touches your lips, you feel a cool touch and the warm fumes rushing, which is a total package of pleasure.

3. Taste


When the tobacco is placed on the upper edge of the bongs and some coal is put on it to ensure that they can produce the best flames. But when you use wooden or plastic bongs, then some of the components burn themselves, so it sends a mixture of fumes of the leaves and material of bongs which ruins the taste.

So it is advisable to use the glass bongs because they are heat resistant and do not burn on being heated, and the flavor of tobacco remains fresh and well brewed, the exact way you like it. So if you are looking for ultimate taste delicacy, then glass bongs are just the right thing. Visit a bong shop and ensure great taste and pleasure.

4. Smell

The regular use of wooden or plastic bongs commonly creates a peculiar smell because it reacts with the surface and increases the rusting smell. There is an exceptional feature with the glass bongs because glass never catches smell; if you wash it once, then all the odor flies away.

So you can prevent the troubling smell by switching to glass bongs because firstly, they keep the taste untouched, and secondly, they do not bother with the smell left after use.

5. Looks


The bongs hold an impressive reputation as the great people have carried them as you will see all posters and covers of Sherlock Holmes with the bongs held on his lower jaw. The best thing about these glass bongs is that You can easily customize them into small beautiful designs, and when you take them out among people, it will always be a sight of greatness and taste.

So customize it any way you want because this glass can be molded and utilized easily. It just depends on how skilled you are in using it.

6. Sound

The ones who have seen Godfather and realize how he used to sit back in his chair and make a soft bubbling noise from his bongs tell a lot about their quality. So when one is using bongs, he needs to make sure that he uses glass bongs because they do not absorb the sound, but they allow the sound to filter and reach to you most spectacularly.

You can listen to the noise of crushing herbs, and then you can suck in an ample amount of breath, and thus, with each bubbling noise, you will notice a rush in you, being settled down and experiencing the next round of pleasure.

7. No reactions


The glass bongs have turned out to be the best alternative, and the healthiest bongs ever existed because some research shows that when the herbs are burnt in the bongs, a part of the surface is also burnt.

In the plastic and wooden bongs, the surface usually burns, which produces gases like Methane which are extremely harmful to your lungs, and on the plastic surface, they can lead to cancer.

So you must shift to glass bongs because they do not react and make sure that you live a long life.

Bongs are a sign of class and great pleasure, and you would often find bongs of various designs and shapes. The ones with long tube ends and small burning shafts are the second most used type of bongs because they allow the fumes to be targeted at one place.

So you can always be the most classy man in the room, but you also have to take care of your health so put your health above style, and if you have some breathing issues, then contact your doctor and use bongs only when allowed.