4 Raiding Mistakes All Newbies Make in World of Warcraft

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Everyone loves to play games, and it’s highly likely that you have a favorite game too.

Now, even though first-person shooting, car racing, or real-life simulations are popular, one type of game took over this whole industry and is now most successful and globally popular, and yeah, we are talking about the multiplayer online role-playing game. In this genre, World of Warcraft surely dominates as it was one of the first, but even now, after more than a decade, it still is gamers’ favorite.

Expansions and upgrades are nothing new, but unlike with other similar games, these add-ons actually enhanced the overall WoW experience. Anyhow, people still make the same mistakes, especially in a raid, and yeah, you know what we are talking about, so let’s check some of the most common ones.

Not using the keybindings

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Binding the most used abilities to the keys that we can easily reach with our left hand is something that we need to do if we want to be faster. In that way, our right hand is free, and we can use it for the mouse, while the left one is in charge of other things.

It is pretty awkward in the beginning, but once we get used to it, we will play much faster, without thinking about which key we need to press. Keep in mind that sometimes less than a second makes a difference, and if we want to survive in the game, we need to be fast.

Luckily, keybinding does not require expensive equipment, and we can perform it on every keyboard we use without losing speed.

No planning

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Regardless of how fun it is to go blind during raids, this will not benefit you nor your team. Having a plan and detailed approach is a must, not to mention boss fights, and we all know how many hours it can take to take down a boss (The longest raid was 154 days).

Determine and stick to the roles

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It is one of the most fundamental things to know what the responsibility of each character.

Now, most players tend to focus solely on damage, causing many unnecessary deaths. That is why healers should focus on healing the most important targets, and other players should use their own healing skills.

Furthermore, don’t forget boosts, as they can speed up the whole process and make your conquest and raid much faster, so make sure to check WoW Boost.

Forgetting the roles

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Playing a Raid party and ensuring efficiency means that we need to pay attention to the party composition. There are three main components, and we need to have them all and provide different kinds of synergies because some Raids require that. These roles are a Healer, a DPS, and a Tank, and each player needs to specialize in one of them to perform specific actions expected from that role. Keep in mind that some Raids need more attacking focus, while the others need more defensive, and it is to check it before starting the game to make sure that you have the roles you need to win it.