6 Tips to Make a Malta Clubbing Night a Success

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There are so many places on earth that enjoy nightlife and clubbing as much as Maltese people do. A small island of Malta is practically the best place to have a one-of-a-kind, all-out, all-night party that is worth a frat party from the wildest movies.

This beautiful island almost specializes in allowing you to have a great time. Whatever you like and wherever you want to go Malta has you covered. There are places for those that like quiet nights over wine and soothing music, as well as places for those that like to party all night long in several different clubs, and stay awake until the sun rises. Malta has quickly become a party capital and all of these facts speak on its behalf.

Bars and pubs, cafes, nightclubs open and closed type are all over this place and wherever you go there is no doubt that you will have a good time. Don’t get us wrong, this much party everywhere doesn’t mean that Malta is reserved only for those young ones. As we noted some cities offer cool, calm nights out for those a bit older and with refined tastes for food and drinks.

The article today will give you some tips on where to look and what to look for if you want a successful night in Malta.

1. Visit Paceville

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The first tip that we will give you is, if you are not already there, go to Paceville. This is the most party infamous city in Malta and it will guarantee you a party without end, or at least until the sun rises. Paceville has one of the most popular clubs in this area of Malta and it is called The Network.

It is a mostly event-oriented club and this is where you will meet more high-end people here and from all over the world. The higher end of the spectrum also means a bit pricier drinks and cocktail menus but hey, you only live ones and this type of fun deserves to go all out. The network will offer you a true party right after 11 in the evening so prepare for an unforgettable party.

2. Have a good company

For a great time out clubbing, you need a company of course. No one goes clubbing alone and you will probably be with friends and family there. If you need a bit bigger posy with you then finding someone to join you is easy in Malta. You can hit up your friends there if you have them or even go to an escort agency and find both male and female companions to make your night truly a one-of-a-kind blowout.

3. Have enough cash

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Although some parts of Malta are a bit more expensive, most of them are not and the clubs there aren’t any pricier than your local ones – if not even cheaper in some cases. The best advice to give you if you want to have a great night clubbing is to have enough cash just in case.

Always have plenty if you plan to stay the entire night. You don’t want to run dry in the middle of fun and go to your home or hotel as others continue to party on. If you are a tourist in Malta also stash some money away for some unpredictable situations. You never know when something might happen and when you might need cash for whatever reason.

4. Walk around

Since we are talking about clubbing this implies that you visit more than one club in the process. This is a great thing because all the clubs in Malta have different music and party affinities. If you don’t like the one you are now switching it up. The network in Paceville is great but if you don’t like the mood there you can try Club Havana which is another awesome and popular club there, The Playground @ Sky Club, Footloose, Twenty-Two and others. There is not much room for error here because if you are willing to walk around and give other clubs a try, an awesome night out is guaranteed.

5. Foam Party

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Now if you want to spice the night then there is one thing you shouldn’t miss on in Malta and it is the foam party. A proper foam party will be located in Club MTV Foam Party. This is held in the summer months and it is in an open area that has three dance floors two swimming pools and one small one on top of which you will be sprayed by foam from a huge high-power foam cannon. These types of parties are always awesome ones and one that is held at this venue is truly a sight to behold and an experience that will be remembered for a long time.

6. Be nice

Since most of you reading this are either thinking of visiting or have already made plans for Malta and are looking for travel and club tips, there is one final thing that you should know as a tourist in this and any other country visiting. Be nice and comply with local laws and traditions. If you are going to have a great time without incidents and problems, without having to pay fines or, God forbid, spending a night in jail because of a misdemeanour, watch out for what you are saying, doing and how you are acting. Clubbing can get out of hand sometimes with a lot of drinking and partying and you can easily lose your manners so try to keep yourself and your friends in check at all times.

In the end, we have to tell you that whatever you chose to do here will guarantee you a good time. Malta is a place where you can have fun, see a lot of amazing things, meet amazing people. It is a place for everyone and every pocket as long as you know your limits and the limits of where you are. Have fun, look around, club around and this will be the vacation or a party of your life, depending on the duration of your stay.