Why Was the Mage Tower Challenge Removed From World of Warcraft?

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The globally famous game world of warcraft decided to remove the mage tower challenge from the game, which became inconvenient for several players especially the new ones because now it was no longer possible to acquire achievement for the champions. Also, they cannot explore the experience of the mage tower challenge.

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The mage tower challenge was removed from the world of warcraft because it was a little distraction from the actual gameplay. World of Warcraft is a multiplayer game, and the mage tower challenge can only be completed individually. This was the major reason many players didn’t play this mode. Those who played were only to complete achievement and to obtain the rewards.

It was a waste of time and company resources to put the development team focus on this mode. This challenging mode offered great rewards including skins, legendary cloak, and much more, but players will always prefer to play multiplayer mode rather than playing solo.

Hence it was decided to devote time to World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, the next series, and the mage tower challenge was kept for future development when it will be necessary by players.

The Return of Mage Tower Challenge in World of Warcraft

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Since the mage tower challenge mode was removed, the players have wanted the return of this mode so the new players can also get the chance to get the rewards and complete their achievements in the game. In the patch update 9.1.5, the maze tower challenge was made accessible again in the mage with additional rewards and new achievements.

The location of the area and the challenges are the same as before with a few changes. You can access the mage tower by the ability to travel back in time in the game. Also, players can even play dungeons and raids through Legion time walking.

Mage Tower Challenge in World of Warcraft

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Since the return of the mage tower challenge, you must be aware of the maze tower challenge in the world of warcraft. The location of these challenges is the same as before in the Legion. You can even use a mage tower boost to enhance the character performance.

To complete the mage tower, you must clear seven challenges with different classes. The challenges have been updated and provide more rewards and achievements once you complete the mage tower challenge.

These are the seven challenges to complete the mage tower: Closing Your Eyes, Return of the Lord Supreme, Prevent the Twins, Fury of the Queen Goddess, Fall of Vice Totem, End of Increased Threat, Impossible Enemy.

The Bottom-line

In response to the world of the warcraft community, the return mage tower challenge in the game has made it possible to experience this mode for the new players and get exclusive rewards and achievements on completing the challenges.