20 Funny Jokes and Riddles to Share With Your Coworkers

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There will be times where you might feel bored of going to your office and want to have a sudden change in your routine. One great way with which you can make your workplace a bit lively is by playing with words, telling your co-staff some silly jokes, and more!

Sharing some lemon puns, wordplay jokes, and funny riddles will light up your coworkers’ mood. Hence, here is our best list, which is the collection of numerous word puns, lemon jokes, absurd riddles, and many more.

Best Lemon Puns

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Here are a few hilarious and silly lemon puns:

• I took the lemon pie to the dental clinic as it requires fillings.
• My mom told me to buy a single lemon from the nearby market. However, I could not purchase it because I do not know how to confirm if the lemon is single or in a relationship!
• If you ever come across a wounded lemon, give it a lemon aid.
• Have you ever wondered what happens when a lemon falls in love? It simply catches peelings.
• If you are planning to order a beverage, which is a mix of lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, and mint, you will get a punch (lemon punch).
• The lemon suddenly stopped in the middle of the road as it ran out of juice.

Best All-time Jokes

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Share these jokes to have a little laugh between your daily routine:

I often use artificial sweeteners more at the office. I add and stir artificial sweetener to everything I say to our supervisor.

When the job application inquires about who they should inform about me during emergencies, I always stick to my initial answer, “an experienced doctor.”

Isn’t it wrong that I lost my job in the calendar manufacturing plant? All I did was just take a single day off the calendar.

The prince left for another province on Saturday, stayed there for 2 days, and came back on Saturday. How is it possible?
A. The horse’s name is Saturday.

A genie asked, ” Tell me your wish, I’ll fulfill it.”
John answered, “I want to be rich.”
The genie thought for a bit and then told, “From now on, you are not John, cause you are rich.”

Person A: What is it called when you steal ideas from a particular person?
Persona B: Plagiarism
Person A: Then, why is it called when you steal ideas from different persons?
Person B: I don’t know??
Person A: A research! Lol.

Interviewer: What are you good at?
Applicant: I’m an expert at multitasking.
Interviewer: Oh. Great! What things can you do at once?
Applicant: I can waste time, be inefficient, and slip off to sleep all at the same time.

Best Riddles

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Enjoy these simple tricky questions whose answers will make you break out of laughter:

Q: What do Winnie The Pooh and Ashoka The Great have in common?
A: Exact middle name (The)

Q: What type of room has no entrances or windows?
A: A Mushroom.

Q: Which month has 28 days?
A: Every month.

Q: What begins with an E, stops with an E but has only one letter in it?
A: An envelope

Q: Why did a person bury the torch while he was on the jungle trip?
A: Because the batteries are dead.

Q: What type of band never dances or plays music?
Answer: A rubber band (hairband)

Q: Do you know where fishes save their wealth?
A: In the riverbank

Bottom Line

Learn these office-friendly jokes, riddles and have a good day sharing them with your coworkers. However, keep in mind not to cross certain limits while making jokes in your workplace.

Also, joking around the workplace is fun if prank is also involved. You might want to scare them and bring them at the edge of their seats with these scary numbers to call and see what their reactions would look like.