3 Football Betting Rules All Newbies Need to Follow

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Football is one of the most popular sports out there. The sheer amount of clubs and big events that are tied to it is enough to move so many people towards it. No matter whether they follow a big team with world cup dreams or a small local one, football fans show passion for their sport all the same.

Some go far beyond cheering and discussing, they put their money on the teams by betting on them. Betting as a whole is a tempting side activity to take on. It’s something a lot of sport fans engage in because it allows them to increase the stakes of upcoming games and even earn some cash.

Sport betting is a frequent subject of sport fans especially those who already like testing their luck with some gambling. However, it can seem almost impenetrable to newbies.

There are so many terms and numbers involved that any amount of motivation we initially have for the sport betting peters out before we can get the hang of it.

While your acquaintances could help you get the hang of it, especially if they bet on sports too, there’s a chance they aren’t too good at explaining the process as they are partaking in it. For the sake of simplifying betting for newbies, we’ve assembled some key rules that should be followed whenever you decide to put money on the line.

Basics before all else

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Before considering who you wish to bet on it’s important that you understand the barest basics of the betting experience. Get acquainted with the process of placing a bet and the way your winnings are calculated. It may seem weird that you are only winning a few bucks while the other guy’s ticket is breaching hundreds.

You could also be confused by the meaning of the categories found next to each team’s name. Those people who have just started betting probably have no idea what odds, money management, risk, and other terms mean. That’s why reading simple and quick explanations is suggested.

Check out online glossaries that list out all the terms in one convenient place. If you are worried about forgetting what they mean, you can always check the sites that have these glossaries by opening them on your phone. This goes exceptionally well for online betting, as one tab can have your betting site open and the other has the glossary prepared if you get stuck. If you aren’t sure which site to use for betting check out ufabet or associated sites for a quick start to your bets.

Learn what type of bets exist

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When getting into betting, one of the most important things you should learn is the type of bets you can partake in. After all, this is what dictates your winnings and what decides your betting strategy.

Full time result is the most straightforward one. It’s a type of bet where you are betting on the match result. In this case, you are predicting whether one of the teams will win or whether the match will end in a draw. This style of bet gives you the simplest available options and is great for beginners. You can also try to guess both half time and full time results in the same bet, turning full time result bet into a half time/full time bet.

Football accumulator is an expanded version of the accumulator. It entails trying to predict the outcome of multiple matches, increasing the winnings but also reducing your chances of victory. The winnings of both football accumulator and the full time result bet heavily depend on the odds of the team winning so you could go for a wild card choice to spike your earnings but it’ll come at a high risk.

Total goals is the type of betting that tries to guess how many goals will be scored. It is also called an under/over bet. You say a number that ends in .5, for example 1.5, and the number of goals inside of a match has to be higher or lower than the number you called, depending which one you bet on. While standard is 2.5, you can bet on any potential goal score.

There’s also correct score which aims to guess the exact score at the end. Only play this if you want to sweat a lot during each goal chance.

Betting on who scores first is another choice for those who are looking for something different. You win if your chosen player scores the first goal but lose otherwise. You can also bet on no goals being scored. This is great for those who are well acquainted with teams and know how well certain players do.

There are many more options but these should hold you over until you get a full hang of the systems. Then, look up the available bets at your local bookmakers or online.

Manage your money

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While betting is fun and engaging it can also become an issue if you are spending too much of your finances on wagers. Make sure to immediately budget how much you are able to spend on football bets and how often you place bets. Don’t overdo it as you could easily end up wasting a lot of money.

The best way to budget your betting money is by separating them into the number of bets of equal worth that you’ll make during the month. For example, you could budget out 50 bucks to use as betting money and separate it into 10 different bets throughout the month.

You could also start with only a few planned bets for the month and increase the budget if some of them win. You should still have a cap on how much extra money you’ll spend on bets so make certain to have a range set and follow it closely.


These simple tips should be enough to get you started. Get some tickets and bets going, once winnings start coming in and you feel comfortable you can get going with other bets.

It also doesn’t hurt to follow active teams more closely and figure out their playstyles and strong points. This way, you can capitalize on the knowledge more often and cash in fast.